By Ritika Khattar

It’s okay to fall as long as you know how to get back up

And always harder to burn the midnight oil than getting corrupt

It just means that you need to try harder

As even an expert was once a beginner,  farther

Each morning, wake up with determination

Just so you could sleep with contentment and satisfaction

it’s okay to make mistakes my darling

because trust me, one day we’ll learn shining as well as sparkling

as we humans are meant to make them

and doing mistakes doesn’t make you less of what you truly are, a gem!

it wouldn’t be wrong to say we’re all imperfectly perfect

So treat yourself with all the love and respect

Think of those flowers you planted in your garden

Love yourself so much and give yourself a pardon

Because those flowers teach you that people must also wilt, fall, root, and  rise in order to bloom!

Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on Unsplash

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