Do you need a writing coach?

By Elise Smith (Brooke)

If you are thinking about hiring a writing coach, you need to understand what you want first and what kind of help you would like.

A coach will help you work on yourself as an author by making your book more interesting. A good coach will help you write more honestly.

An editor will help you work on your completed draft, making it more polished and your writing clearer.

Coaches and editors can both improve your writing skills and make you a better writer.

If you want to finish your writing job and if you want your book to be good, you need to be clear about;

Why you are writing your book

Who you are writing it to

What do you want your book to do for them

What you want to get out of it for yourself.

What is a writing coach?

A writing coach works with an author to help them take their book to the next level, even as they write.

A writing coach is not an editor or a ghostwriter. They do not do line-by-line editing and they will not write the copy for you. Although some do both jobs.

They coach you through the process of writing your book, helping you give it your all.

A writing coach helps you with the emotional journey of writing your book. They help keep you going and make your book more authentic and engaging.

 What does a good writing coach do?

A good writing coach helps you with the writing process. They help you figure out;

Why you are writing your book

Your book’s positioning

Your target audience

The right mindset for you

Daily or weekly writing goals

Any fears getting in your way

Everything else that comes with writing a book

A writing coach helps you give it your all, so you can push through and get better at what you do.

Very little of the writing coach’s work is about the words on the page. The best coaches help with things like;

Where your book might need to dig deeper emotionally

Identifying and overcoming your fears

Figuring out why you are stuck and breaking through writer’s block

Recognizing where you are sabotaging yourself

Helping you be authentic and effective in your writing

Make sure you are not leaving important things out of your book just because they would be hard for you to write.

Many writing coaches won’t help much with the emotional side of writing a book unless they have been there themselves.

 Can I benefit from a writing coach?

You can benefit from both a writing coach and an editor, but you want to work with a writing coach first.

Write your compelling draft in the most authentic way you possibly can; then use an editor to polish it.

A great writing coach gets behind the text and inside your head. To do that, you have to be willing to let a writing coach help and work closely with you.

 I am a writing coach

I am a writing coach who has been there. I have written and published four books and many articles. I have over 25 years of experience writing in multiple genres.

Mentorship is an opportunity for you to work one on one with me by email. I am an experienced writer with over twenty years of experience and a creative writing diploma.

We can decide together how to best organize your story. Issues covered may include structure, characterization, audience, style, and redrafting.

Please head over to my website for credentials, references, more information, and much more.

 First hour FREE

To book please email me direct


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