The happiness series part five

By Elise Smith


We have to make the first move.

As long as we stand around on the edge of things, unprepared to jump in, the universe seems to take the attitude, “Well, you don’t seem very serious about this. Once you’re committed, then you’ll get some help.”

The moment we decide, “I’ll do this thing, no matter what!” we somehow tap into the “genius, power, and magic.”

Everybody who achieves in life makes decisions to do so. “I WILL do it.” Those who proclaim, “I’ll give it my best shot,” “I’ll have a go” or “I’ll try” will probably come home early. We need to get serious to get results.

It is best that we also realize that whenever we make a stand on something, people will test us out. People are always looking for someone to admire. Although your brother-in-law may say, “Are you finished with this crazy scheme of yours yet?” and although your neighbor may tempt you with chocolate cream cakes five minutes after you announce the start of your new diet, they are each secretly hoping that you will have the strength to stand by your commitment.

An interesting thing happens when we commit ourselves. Often, the commitment is enough. In other words, if you are prepared to do anything to achieve your goal, generally you won’t have to. But if you are only half serious, you may well be tested to the limit!

One person said it this way, “Here is how to get whatever you want- do whatever it takes!”

Elise Smith

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