So, I have asked recently, “who influences my writing?”

Although I have favorite authors such as Wilbur Smith, Bryce Courtney, any true stories, and many poets that I adore, I cannot say these people are the biggest influence on my writing.

I like these authors as they bring back my mother’s nostalgia by telling me stories about growing up in South Africa. I like true stories as they remind me I am not alone on this life journey, and I am drawn to poetry for release and comfort.

What influences my writing are real-life experiences, my own and others who have come through similar. And writing about my life, sharing it with the world in hopes of inspiring and encouraging others has helped me immensely on my healing journey.

Writing my stories was like diving into the dark abyss, turning on-the-spot light, grabbing my demons around the throat, and diminishing any power or hold they had over me.

Along my path in life, I have met many people from all corners of the globe and from different walks of life. I have met people who are hurting, trapped in a place they do not want to be in, and broken and desperate people.

As I started to talk to people about my life, my challenges, and healing, they told me that they realized they were not alone or the only one by sharing my story with them. This started their own healing journey and has even saved lives.

Writing, even if one never decides to publish, writing is a release and can set you free. Writing and sharing my story has given others hope and inspiration. I have been able to turn what was meant to kill me into what has made me stronger and others who read my books stronger.

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Elise Smith

What influences my writing are real-life experiences, my own and others who have come through similar. Writing about my life and sharing it..
What influences my writing?

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