One often envisages certain plans and dreams for themselves. However, to bring them to life, one is compelled to go through several grimy years and be robust enough to take command of their life. This poem highlights the issues present in a society where a child is pressured to walk along the path traced for him by his parents. By the time he realises this and gets to know about the intricacies of the path, taking a long leap seems incredibly intimidating. However, with sheer effort and perennial striving, every mountain can be measured.

What if your very own existence is a lie?

What if the thing you are doing is false?

What if you are living the life of others?

What if your dreams, aspirations, desires are somebody else’s?


A child born in an aristocratic family

Endowed with amenities one could only dream of,

Was subjected to walk along the path

Conjured by those who said, “it’s just a bath.”

Talent surpassed; family legacy passed down

Desire dying every day never came abode

On the brink of vanishing, it came out loud

No time, no energy, taking the leap seems digested.


A bright sunray, a possible rainbow called “hope”

Travelled a long way, drenched throughout valleys and shores.

Heart again rises upon the milky way uphold

Mesmerised by cupholders, jugglers and avid turners.

Running, rushing, recreating and recognising

Whom it had lost way before

Like pollens flown door to door,

A voyage to trace out the largest globe.


Surfboard awaiting the command

Conceiving competition, neck to neck

Eerie glance bumped from colossal wave

Resilient willpower overthrows its intimidating wave.


Conjure up all fate and fortune

Never be afraid of wearing a torn costume.

Brush up to get a shined surface

A snippet of dust must not disrupt the grace.


Written by: Varun Gupta


Edited by: Ria Shridher

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