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“Hi! what is your name? Hi, my name is Soumya. what else? Means?? Soumya. No, What is your surname? And i don’t reply than after….”

Why is it so important to know the last name?

In today’s 21st century India, after 76years of independence, people’s mindset hasn’t changed; they are still in that 70’s or 80’s era. I don’t blame them because I can understand that education was not there. Still, even today, educated people have the same mindset they had 2-3 decades ago.

No, there is no problem to answer my last name, But why they interpret from that is which cast do i belong to?

Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh

or someone else, if you are Hindu, then again you are classified into Brahman , kshatriya, Jain, Bania, Shudra,

This does not stop here. Which cast you belong to

ST, SC, OBC, General

If you are from their caste, well and good; If not, oh the judgemental looks!

Then they go furthermore to what is your sub cast ? Where do you come from? Are you from the jungle? What does your father do? So curious about to know the detail as what you eat, how you study?

Wait, we are not alien that you should do a research on us, and behave like you have sympathy for us. Some are judgemental of us being from the reservation cast, so they don’t talk after this long introduction; what is this?

We did not give the last name to humiliate or to praise someone. There is individuality as a person disappears, and what they say is just the last name. Meet me as an individual; I am more than my last name. I am here to represent my self, yes I’m Soumya, don’t fade away individuality in a fog of these last names. Everybody has a first name; meet first name before you reach the last name.

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