Quarrels were frequent,

Arguments were subsequent.

Reluctantly, we shall point out

The blood feud isn’t ruled out.

‘We’ did a lot of killing,

‘They’ begged with cries so fulfilling.

A secret long bolted,

There is a point to be noted.

‘They’ also took a lot of lives,

It’s a wonder a ‘we’ still survives.

Or is it a wonder?Β 

Maybe ‘they’ killed and caused a blunder,

Maybe ‘they’ instilled a murderous thunder,

‘They’ printed the horrible impressions ‘we’ are under.

Yes, this story will slowly unscrew,

Nevertheless, it is nothing new.

‘They’ thought they would escape after the damaging,

Little did ‘they’ know,

‘We’ also had a closet with guns for ravaging.

The thing is, ‘we’ did not want to trouble,

Yet ‘we’ were forced out of the obedient bubble.

‘We’ left them alone for a while and stayed low,

Or did they leave us alone? Guess we won’t really know.

Honestly, it is unclear who is the evil one,

‘We’ who had guns to destroy,

Or ‘they’ who killed just to enjoy?

Well, you will know once it’s all said and done.

‘We’ were also wronged,

They killed the loved ones to whom ‘we’ belonged.

‘We’ watched them bleed,

‘We’ heard their help plead,

What did ‘we’ do?

Whatever it is, ‘we’ can’t undo.

‘We’ wanted to help; after all ‘we’ were family,

‘We’ didn’t though,

How could ‘we’ when ‘we’ were held by chains.

To be perfectly candid,

There are times when ‘we’ slit open their throats,

And bathed in the fountains of red,

Cause it’s exhilarating.

‘We’ would do that again,

Wouldn’t you?

We told you we don’t know who’s the wicked one here,

Since there is no ‘we’ and ‘they’,

It’s all ‘me’, surprise? I’m glad it is all clear.

The vendetta ‘we’ talked about?

It’s all against myself,

Both sides are evil, though.

‘We’ might have caused more damage than ‘they’ did,

Still, ‘we’ are the lesser of the devil,

Oh, who’s going to win?

Well, for now, both shall stay.Β 

Who do I like better, truly?

‘We’ are paranoid and scared,

And ‘they’ are psychopaths.

I desire none of them,

I love and hate both of them equally.Β 

Even so, we’re here, and I will choose a side.

Well, it doesn’t matter cause they’re both doomed.

I’d prefer if they both died.

Written by: Shreya
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    Avery nice poem with beautiful words and imagination.

  2. Shivam garg Reply

    You have a impeccable taste in words πŸ”₯πŸ’―…!

  3. Dheeraj Goel Reply

    Wow! The ability of the poet to put thoughts into words with such beautifully structured rhyming scheme is mesmerising! Great job Shreya. Excited to read more of your stuff in future.

  4. I liked the way you brought out your thoughts through these amazing lines. πŸ™‚
    Waiting for more already πŸ˜‰

  5. Sparsh Kanodia Reply

    The conflict that has been brought forward in the poem is sublime and the poet very delicately goes around to write an allegory to the pressure on an individual because of family or society…… A great peice. Very skillful indeed!!

  6. Monika Gupta Mittal Reply

    This seems to be true for majority of people. However observing our selves and putting into words … that too rhyming needs a lot.
    Highly appreciated !!! Keep up !!!

  7. Ranjit Kumar Reply

    amazing word, sparkling thoughts, keep up good writing, it inspire us.

  8. I felt conversational with this piece.. especially the line “It felt conversational or long-winded”. Well done Shreya πŸ‘

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