Amidst the pandemic, social media is seeing a rapid boom. It is now no longer restricted simply to connecting people and entertainment but can also be used to promote small and local businesses. This is probably one of the few good things that have emerged amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Social media can be used to promote your brand’s name and business niche and let customers know about what type of goods and services are made available through you. It’s a great way to find out what exactly the customer needs and think and review your business. Other than this, social media can be used as a great way to strengthen existing relationships with your customers.

Social media marketing has numerous advantages in store for us, such as it provides a broader reach and can keep track of and perfectly target the right customers and audiences thanks to the algorithms it uses. This ability is especially helpful for particular niches to grow. 

What’s another goodie point about social media is that it is free or low-cost. Any business can make use of social media to promote their brands or business, and the paid promotion options are not very expensive— hence a win-win for everyone. Social media can, in fact, administer one-to-one communication, which improves the value of your brand in customers’ eyes and makes them feel seen and heard. Information can be quickly distributed to many people.

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Social media has a massive advantage in terms of usage as it doesn’t need any specific or highly specialized skills to be used— it’s simple and understood by almost everyone. Anyone with a good phone or laptop or any other similar equipment can use social media without any problems.

However, the world of social media is not all unicorns and rainbows, as it does come with certain risks. Wasting time & money for little or no tangible returns is a risk, along with the rapid spread of false information, which cannot be stopped easily. It makes your business prone to good and bad criticism. Failing to follow some legal terms such as privacy legislation and laws regarding spam, copyright, and other terms and conditions can land one in serious trouble.

Local businesses can boost their sales by increasing their networks and initially with the help of their friends and family. There are numerous social media platforms, viz. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, coupon sites, online photo-sharing services, location-based marketing sites, and customer review sites. Marketing efforts can be spiked by using great online technology tools such as creating or developing online applications, molding websites according to one’s needs, and mildly interacting with viewers or users.

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The statistics of active social media users is 4.2 billion, which has doubled over the last five years. An average of 2 hours, 25 minutes is spent on social media by users every single day. In order to grow a local business with the help of social media, a solid basic plan is needed. Keep in mind that creating a Facebook page for your business or an Instagram account for the same alone isn’t simply enough. A firm planning process is required for any successful business plan.

Using social media is free, but you need to invest time and energy and need a good solid plan to get started. What is a social media plan? It is an amalgamation of all the steps and plans you need to carry out to achieve your objective. Remember to be extremely specific while creating a plan. Unattainable or lofty plans are a big no-no. Your social media plan needs to be specific and in coherence with the platforms that you’re using.

Below are some ways to create a social media marketing strategy:

  1. Match your social media objectives with your business objectives.
  2. Get to know the nitty-gritties regarding your audience.
  3. Keep an eye out for your competition.
  4. Consider doing a social media audit.
  5. Create accounts and keep editing and improving them every now and then.
  6. Make a social media content calendar.
  7. Make your content really compelling and of great quality.
  8. Track your performances in various aspects and improvise your strategies accordingly.

Not every social media platform is suitable for each and every business. To successfully choose a platform that is best for your business, you need to do some research by taking note of all the statistics and which age group is spending most of their time on which platform. Get into specifics of where your audience spends most of their time online. It doesn’t need to be a single platform but can be various accounts on several social media platforms that can target different audiences.

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Another really important aspect of using social media to promote a local business is getting to know your precious audience. A business is nothing without loyal customers and audiences who are the ones who’ll help your business grow. Getting to know your audience is a significant goal to micro-target them.

One way in which you can do this successfully is by collecting data about your current audience or customers and digging in deep with the help of social media analytics. Another simple tip to target your desired audience is by finding and sticking firmly with your niche. Your specific niche has all the answers that you need to know. How to find your social media target audience? The answer lies in your niche and narrowing your focus along with expanding your reach.

You can also use social listening to figure and find out about the conversations that take place about your brand. How do you do that? By simply keeping track of relevant keywords and hashtags. Make your audience follow you by reaching out in response to certain social media posts. Hootsuite Insights Powered by Brandwatch and are some tools that can be used in order to find out about this required information. Google Analytics is also a great way to see the presence of networks that show up in your referral traffic report.


Comprehending what your target audience really wants and desires will help you move a step ahead in your business game because, at the end of the day, it’s all about the customers! Be keen about what you bring to the table and how vastly it can make the audience like your product. Getting a hint about age groups and their budget can help you get to know your audience in a better way.

  1. Building quality relationships.
  2. Creating an engaging Facebook group
  3. Developing your brand value and niche by connecting to influencers.
  4. Engaging and mentioning followers in your posts and stories.
  5. Using the already available helpful built-in interactive tools.
  6. Most importantly, paying keen attention to trends.
  7. Last but not least, focusing on developing quality over quantity.

The tips mentioned above will surely be a helping hand in your journey of making optimum use of social media to promote any type of business!

Written by: Harshita

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