Finding the “truth” is of extreme significance in everyone’s life—we all want to know the truth in any way possible. Truths can be anything from a personal aspect to a worldly view. Knowing the truth can either help us accept certain things and move forward in life or make us really uncomfortable. No matter the nature of the truth, one must face it bravely and try to understand it thoroughly so that one can grow from learning it. Life has tons of lessons and experiences in store for us, and it has a fair share of ups and downs as well as good and bad; it all depends on our attitude and perspective that can make all the difference. 

Most of us are afraid of what we might have to face when we try to understand the truth, and more often than not, we prefer to stay ignorant to avoid pain. We tend to ignore all our problems and the hard and bitter truth. Being avoidant and ignorant to the truths of life can render us deep into our comfort zone for quite a bit, but in the long run, the process becomes repetitive and stagnant and yields no good whatsoever.

hiding from harsh truths

Consistently ignoring the harsh truths of life will unfortunately only get worse and increasingly uncomfortable, making it hard to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility to one’s life. There’s a famous saying that basically conveys that if you don’t have any dreams of your own, you will be used to fulfill the dreams of others which really makes us ponder about our life.

Choosing comfort over courage at any given point leads to no good thing ever but rather simply postpones the eventual fate of truth. Some truths can be relieving while; some can be really eye-opening and bitter, but we need to keep ourselves broad-minded and vigilantly accept whatever type of truth is thrown in our way. 

Accepting and acting on certain truths can prove to be helpful in the long term and can make our lives extraordinary as compared to avoiding them and making difficulties more prevalent later in life. Few such truths are given below to get you started on the journey of embracing the truths:

  • You need a really supportive partner or none at all


We come across various types of people in our lives where few are our well-wishers and really encourage us while the others are exactly the opposite, who simply can’t bear to see us win. Now imagine a partner who is like the latter. How difficult it would make our lives is really unthinkable. Out of all the people in our lives, we need to choose someone who is right for us and, most importantly, genuinely supports all of our dreams and desires. The partner we choose needs to embrace us in all our imperfections and still love us all the same.

If you ever find explaining your choices and decisions to your partner, chances are that you are letting yourself be pulled down by someone very close to you. Needless to say, we can’t choose who we fall madly head over heels with, but we can most certainly choose whom we decide to stay with. Such intuitions come from really being aware of your partner’s behavioral patterns.

If in any way you feel drained and discouraged or worse, if you find yourself questioning your own ambitions, it’s a severe warning sign and a red flag. You can’t expect someone who doesn’t fully support you to be by your side when you need them the most. In such scenarios, being wise and making the right decisions can really save you from a lot of mental struggles and hardships. Rather than being clawed up and choked in a toxic relationship with someone who doesn’t value your dreams enough, it is better to be single and hustling to achieve what’s really important to you.

  • Life is unfair

A close up and a low angle view of a statue of lady justice as it sits in front of a blue background The image is photographed with a very shallow depth of field with the focus being on the justice scale.

Have you ever caught yourself wondering about all the good deeds you have done and how all life did in return was throw lemons at you? Well, when life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade! Whenever you expect anything moderately good or fair from life, you are going to be highly disappointed. Some things have no reasonable explanation, and finding meaning to everything is nothing but a waste of time.

The sooner you accept the fact that life isn’t fair, the better prepared you will be for your future. No matter how sad or bitter this sounds, at some point, you have to peacefully let go of everything that isn’t under your control because no matter how much effort you put in, some things simply cannot be controlled.

  • Money has a monopoly over lives 

grabbing money

This truth is no big surprise! It is a sad, inescapable truth that we live in a capitalist society where money matters a lot. In fact, each and everything revolves around a sole thing— money.

Did you know that the majority of the population works as much as more than 40 hours per week for money? This statistic is enough to show the importance of money in the world. At the end of the day, each one of us needs to survive and pay our bills. Hence money can even be considered as the most important factor in almost everyone’s life.

Even after working long hours and earning money, some people don’t consider money as important as other things, which is a real bummer because money is extremely significant to each and every one of us as no one here is free of bills. Instead of trying to side-line the importance of money, one needs to embrace the power and significance it comes with and use it to one’s advantage.

  • This is the right time to start

Time management concept with notes in weekly organizer over the desk with coffee and alarm clock. Solution against procrastination

Most of us always find ourselves or some other person waiting for the right time to start a specific task or take a particular decision, but the truth is there won’t ever be a better time to start. Time doesn’t come with any sort of righteousness or wrongness. Procrastination is a sweet sin, no doubt, but in the long term, it is sure to create some serious problems which you can avoid if you start working immediately on whatever you have been postponing.

Most of us are huge procrastinators and always wait for the “right time” to start. This can really hamper one’s growth as each and every minute holds equal importance, and a task doesn’t need to wait for the so-called right time to get done. Stop procrastinating and start doing. You will indeed thank yourself later!

  • Everybody is imperfect

Kintsugi black raku bowl. Gold cracks restoration on old Japanese pottery restored with the antique Kintsugi restoration technique. The beauty of imperfections. japanese pottery repair gold. japanese art of repairing cracks with gold. japanese art of fixing broken pottery
A Kintsugi black raku bowl restored using the Japanese art of repairing cracks with gold highlighting the beauty of imperfections.

It’s high time you give up on the delusion of perfectionism as nothing of that sort exists. Each and every one of us is packed to the brim with flaws that make us all the more unique and different. Flaws are not something to be avoided, looked down upon, or feared but rather something that needs to be genuinely embraced as it makes you, YOU.

Perfectionism is a myth, and you have to be careful when anyone pretends to be extra perfect. You can strengthen your confidence and bravery by accepting and embracing each and every one of your flaws. Self-awareness comes in really handy when you have to figure yourself and your flaws out. Remember, your flaws never make you weak but rather are a symbol of your uniqueness and your very own beauty. Don’t ever second guess yourself due to your beautiful flaws.


need to accept truths in life

Some final truths and reminders are that social media is fake, don’t become one of its victims as it steals precious time away from you. Anything in excess is poison. There is no shortcut to success. You have to do difficult things in order to become strong. Something is better than nothing— this applies to the aspect of making decisions as well. Alas! Love yourself to the core and witness the great things that unravel.

Written by: Harshita

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