The Work From Home culture has gained a lot of momentum lately. With just a few types of equipment, an internet connection, and a quiet room, you are all set to work from your home. 

The idea of working from the comfort of your home is something that we long for. If we go by the study conducted by Economic Times, Indians spend at least 7% of their day commuting only. Eradicating the need for commuting in public transports or private vehicle, we have established ourself into this culture quite efficiently. But is it the right culture? Let’s see!

  1. Boosts Productivity

Several reports show that WFH boosts your productivity. When you are working under low pressure and on your own terms, you are more likely to enjoy the work. A report by Poverty Action Lab mentions that remote workers made 13% more calls than in-house employees, thereby increasing the engagement. 

Besides, you have steady emotional support from your family or closed ones, making it a lot better option than working as an in-house professional. 

  1. Supports Good Mental Health

Did I tell you about taking timely breaks to help you increase your working speed and efficiency? Yes, this is indeed the case! Timely breaks go under better mental health. 

When you are scheduling work for the following day, never forget to include mini-breaks. Such breaks are essential to keep you going. You can even resort to applications like TimeOut, Pomodoro, Break Timer, etc which reminds you to take breaks accordingly. Just set a reminder and you are good to go!

  1. Better Networking

Not going to the office doesn’t mean you have to stay in the shell. Get yourself a day free and set up an engagement session with your colleagues where you all can e-meet and share your lives. On weekdays, it is equally important to make small talk but make sure you are not invading their privacy. 

Building up a network has always been a part of the corporate world, and WFH culture should not hamper this process. Remote catch-ups always help you take one step forward and build emotional connections. And never underestimate the power of an emotional bond. 

Many Works From Home tools and software are nowadays available to get detailed reports and analysis of your performance. This includes not only the number of hours you worked but also how productive you have been on a particular day. Apart from the regular remote monitoring system incorporated by your firm, you can also send these reports to your boss/manager to making their work easy. 

Work From Home is a suitable option for all those who believe in being organized. Life has always been more than merely working and earning. While money keeps your soul together, it is the art and creativity that keeps you going. Work From Home culture promotes spending some time with yourself and discovering your inner self. If we go by the trend, it is very likely that by 2050s most of the firms would have employees work from home 4 days a week. 

So get yourself ready for the much-awaited healthy culture! Watch this space for more!

Photo by Ian Harber on Unsplash

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