Undoubtedly the one thing that has helped me survive lock-down and home quarantine are Netflix. Quarantine would’ve been painfully boring if it wasn’t for Joe Goldebergs menacingly hot laughter or Aisaka’s cute demeanor. Like me, Netflix has helped millions of people across the world, stuck in their homes to wait the pandemic out. The world of beautifully directed movies and shows is beautifully immersive and provides a short, sweet escape. With new shows releasing every week, some get buried down only to become a hit years later, while some are an absolute banger the moment they are released. Here is a brief review of the 3 trending shows on Netflix right now.

  • Atypical

Atypical is an excellent show that comprises everything, from a great script to brilliant acting that will have you engaged till the very end. The plot revolves around a boy named Sam who is atypical or different from others because he is autistic, which makes him unique and makes him phenomenally brave. With an IMDb rating of 8.3 and 87% Rotten Tomatoes, the series beautifully takes us through the journey of Sam, where we see all of his battles and root for him right from the very beginning. His family is significant support and a massive positive influence on his life. We are willingly made to see his world through his own perspective. The series tends to indirectly educate fellow viewers a lot about the spectrum of autism. Don’t misunderstand the series to only be about Sam, but it also portrays different characters and their own journey in the background. It is a comedy-drama divided into four seasons, with each season consisting of ten episodes. Atypical as the name itself suggests, is not typical and will make you experience the characters’ very different world in an interesting way. The show is extremely addictive because of its power to grab your attention and engross you. The show is not predictable in any sense, and it will have you surprised with every twist and turn. Sam’s friends, families, siblings, and many other relations are unique in their own way. You will feel that the world seems to be a better place with the number of understanding and receptive people who are willing to lend a helping hand whenever required. Your love for the show would be akin to Sam’s love for Penguins. Atypical is everything but boring. Every single dialogue is exciting and wrapped up in knowledgeable bits. Sam’s genuinely remarkable struggle with autism will remind you to be grateful for the easier things for yourself. This show is hundred percent recommended to anyone wanting a good and insightful experience which will also offer a relaxing time. This comedy-drama is not only funny but also holds power to render you into thinking seriously. Don’t miss out on this insightful gem of a show.

  • The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a power-ridden feminist show which will hook you right in in the first few minutes of watching it. One does not necessarily have to be a chess enthusiast in order to understand and enjoy the show. This gambit is so profound and intricate that you will be dazzled by its quality. Every single second of your life will seem worthwhile watching this spectacular show. What does Queen’s Gambit mean? It is an opening tactic in chess, or we could simply consider the protagonist called Beth Harmon to be a queen and her intelligence a phenomenal gambit. To call this show, a masterpiece would be an understatement. The performance is so powerful and compelling that it will make you forget that it’s about something as dull as chess. The show is not boring at all because it moves forward steadily and perfectly. Every incident pictured is not too lengthy or short. The script is simply marvelous. It revolves around Beth and her passion for chess. She is inherently talented and starts playing in chess tournaments in order to make some money. She is an orphan, and her journey of life drastically turns around for good once she finds out about chess. Every scene from the show comes off as a strategy applied in chess. The series is portrayed in a calculative way that does not impress the viewers until the very core. Well, the show is not only about Beth Harmon and her love and fiery passion for chess but also equally about her personal quest of life merged with occasional relationships that mould her into the person she eventually becomes. The show is magnificently intense and least predictive. The emotional aspect of the characters is so vast to the point of wonder, and it is extremely relatable as well. All different characters and stories are unparalleled and will make you love everything about each one of them. The series perfectly adapts the novel and makes the watch worthwhile. Anya Taylor justifies her as Harmon remarkably. The series is very well-balanced and extraordinarily impressive. Kudos to everyone involved who contributed to the making of such a beautiful piece.

  • Sex Education

Sex education, as the name itself is suggestive, educates the viewers about the biggest taboo in a comical and way. The series revolves around an awkward protagonist Otis who is different and shy in the sexual aspect. Ironically his mother is a sex therapist and loves working in the same domain. The qualities of a good therapist seem to be passed down to Otis via his mother. The show also revolves around another significant character called Maeve. Maeve is a powerful character who is a feminist and deals with financial problems due to her drug addict mother. How Maeve tries to overcome her difficulties is the epitome of strength and bravery. Her hardships don’t get to her softer side as she is extremely loving of her family and the few bonds she harbors. Otis and Maeve get tied together when they each decide to start a sex therapy cabin in the old damaged bathroom of their school for individual reasons. This plan comes off to be great for both until certain circumstances surpass. Apart from these two, other minor characters are equally well portrayed and brim with interesting, peculiar factors. The diversity of characters range right from an alien enthusiast to a gay who happily accepts himself amidst difficulties. The script is beautifully written and won’t have you feeling bored even for a second. The series is not superficial, potraying only sex but includes deeper meanings and messages. Maeve and Otis share a fantastic chemistry, and all the other characters are really refreshing. The actors exhibit a phenomenal work. The show flows with abundant creativity and different dimensions, which will grip you up and leave you awestruck.

by Harshita Kirnalli

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