All our dreams culminate to frame as what we had always desired. Rushing from school to colleges to universities to training, everything ends with establishing our lives. These lives only establish when we decide on which career we want. Career is the job or profession we take up, after rigorous passion and training. What do you think your career will be about? Is it about fulfilling long dreams? Or getting fame? Or working hard to get paid well? Call it either of them, every career is linked to one attribute, that is joy. You need to be happy with what you are doing. It is as Confucius has said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

Careers are not just the job, venture, or profession you take up. It is beyond that. It is the ship you sail to move forward with life. So, what do you think about the necessity of a career? First and foremost, a career becomes the means of livelihood. They hold the power to change your plastic roof into a stoic one. They let you fulfill the hopes of having two to three meals a day. They give you the courage to save some amount for the future. Having a career also gives you confidence and independence. You will be able to support yourself individually when you have a job or are working. It gives you the financial liberty and confidence to speak your mind. Careers and ambitions give meaning to your lives. Imagine a day of waking up, eating, and sleeping back. It might be enticing for a while but it will only turn you purposeless. You would have no reason to look out or make something out of life. To put it out in simple terms, a career becomes your identity. It is who you are. If someone asks you what you do for a living, you will have your profession to be your answer. 

For a long time, careers were looked down upon. Being a doctor or an engineer was considered to be, if you are a doctor, you have excelled in your life. But, is it what career must be sufficed in? We have been doing wrong to the previous generation and we are continuing it. Careers range like colors. It does not demean any dreams. If you want to pursue a career as a singer, nothing must stop you. Various social, cultural, and religious factors are responsible for career biasness. What will society think? Or how will this profession support you? Or is it astray from your religious beliefs? All these queries overshadowed one’s hopes of building a career Fortunately, today we have broken out from the shell. We have started looking at career options, regardless of all the beliefs and traditions. Now, we do not only have engineers but also dancers, singers, writers, journalists, and many more. With the advent of a new time, several careers are at a booming stage. Here are some of the careers which are the latest trends for 2022. 

1. E-commerce Staff

With the pandemic shutting off shops and markets, people have now moved online to purchase daily essentials and other items. From fruits to blankets, everything is now being purchased online. With high demands on online platforms. E-commerce companies are now requiring staff. Data shows that there is a 73% rise in a year for the posts of e-commerce staff. This includes delivery staff, supply chain associates, package handlers. The best part is that most of the posts require you to be working from home. Thus, this ensures your safety too.

2. Digital Content Creator

With the recent turmoil around the world, nations have put a pause or reduced social gatherings, concerts, and several activities. All of these required a huge audience which seems to be impossible in today’s time. The alternative is now the digital platform. It has opened a profession for people to take up singing, holding events virtually. It has also given way for content bloggers, writers, and podcasters to find a way of living. Now, you can earn by creating content for virtual events and websites too. 

3. Mental Health Counselor

Mental health has always been avoided by many of us. Until the last 10 years, we did a study about mental disorders, but we never thought about their existence. However, whatever you had learned in your psychology degree will finally get a chance to be applied. Today, the health care sectors have seats for mental health counselors. You can counsel a mentally sick person, improve his or her health and also discover new techniques to deal with mental disorders. This profession has been seeing a rise because of how complex lives are getting. 

4. Data Science and Analytics

The profession for data science analysts has been paved due to increasing companies and organizations. Today, every organization requires data analysts to check the reliability of data, keep track of trends, give suggestions, and frame data-gathering machines. For this, you must be skilled in knowing the coding language. You are also required to be good at the manipulation of data. A data analyst is required by the company to know its customers and to improvise its marketing strategies. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

With the world shifting from manual tasks to machinery, Artificial intelligence or AL has become crucial. From typing search to voice assistants, everything has changed and this allows AL to study the scope for the future. Pursuing a career in AL will benefit you well in monetary gains. Today, different sectors like education, health, retail, e-commerce, financial services are incorporating AL to improvise their products and services. The demand for AL professionals is now exceeding the demand of data analysts too. AL is also seeing a sharp rise in developing natural and deep language processing. 

6. Nursing

Remember the time when we were told to be a doctor rather than a nurse. Nursing was considered to be a small job for a long time. However, today this perspective has changed. As much as you need a doctor, you also need a nurse. There is a sharp rise of 30% seen in hiring nurses, especially since the pandemic broke out. Besides that, hospitals are also requiring nurses for conducting the first physical tests for the patients. They are also needed to specify medicines and arrange tests. 

7. Graphic Designer

With so many competitors out in the trade and market world, companies are rushing to hire the best graphic designers. Today, graphic designers are needed to design various marketing campaigns and concepts. The boon for this career choice is it allows creativity to flourish. This job will let you formulate layouts for product illustrations, make new logos, rebrand, frame user interface, and many more. This career also requires you to be updated about the latest trend in the graphic designing sector, such as the use of Adobe InDesign. The graphic designer is tested on creative abilities, uniqueness, and technical knowledge. 

8. Marketing Planner

We are already familiar with how we need variations to improve market strategies. But, the crucial aspect for this is the marketing strategists. Now, the companies are in grave need of a marketing strategist, to break through after the Covid shutdown. If you are hired to be a marketing strategist, you are to point out the best marketing plans for the companies. With this, you also need to be panning the execution of these strategies. What stands as an advantage for this career option is, you can either be working for an organization or start independently. 

9. Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity refers to an environment of working, where there is diversity in terms of gender, age, experience, ethnicity, etc. For a career in workplace diversity, you need to create a situation of legal abidance and interaction of employees. While doing this, you will be needed to apply the diversity initiatives which will influence the hiring process, reservation, and innovation. This career also demands effective cross-cultural communication, equal management, and knowledge of policy writing. 

10. Speech-Language Pathologists

For a long time, we had no solutions for those who had issues with speaking, such as stuttering, stammering, dyslexia, and others. But today, there is a cure and also a string of professions attached to this. Speech-language pathologists are required to identify, study and help people with speech, language, and swallowing disorders. This career lets you interact with all ages. Today, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, rehabilitation centers, are demanding SLPs for helping those who are falling short of speaking.

These are some of the booming careers which show potential to grow shortly. With this, there are several other career options in making. Today, it’s not just about maintaining profit and a good lifestyle. Careers have also become a way of expression, of what we do and for whom we are doing this. You do not need to be bothered about different factors while choosing a career. However, what you need to be thoughtful about before going for a career are your capabilities, interest, and inner commitments. In the words of career icon Steve Jobs, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” 

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