When it comes to relationships, we take that extra effort not to hurt them but is it the same vice-versa? I hope not. Here is sharing something that turned my journey of life into something beautiful.

The Road Less Travelled!!
“Two roads diverged in a wood and, I –
I took the one less traveled.”
● by Robert Lee Frost

For twenty-eight years, my life decisions were my parent’s choice. I did not have my choice; instead, I did not see the choice. I was afraid to open up and chase my dreams. When someone confronted me, all I could say was my parents knew the best for me. It took me time to realize I had lost so much along the way living their dream. With time, I was passing the same on to my children too. Turning back and looking at my life, I could count the very few happy moments of my life. I could see the endless possibilities of living life, but I did not know what could make that difference. I was searching for something that was beyond my thoughts and imagination. I was feeling defeated and

Suddenly after twenty-eight years, I felt this is not the life I desired. It was not me living my life. Somewhere down the line, my parents, brother-sisters, relatives, the society were my life and I was living what they desired from me. Time and again, I went back to my family asking for the one thing I wanted – “Freedom”. Freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom to envision, freedom to live, freedom to desire, freedom to decide, freedom of the FREE-NESS. But this time, I decided, I was breaking this shell.

Yes, it was hard and, after all those years, it was a hurricane back at home. I couldn’t believe that I did not have a single vote in my favor. But this time, there was no turning back. “I broke the emotional block with my parents, kith, and kin and, so did my marriage and, it did make a difference.” I am free and independent now. I do not get behind people to decide my life anymore.

Yes, it is two years and counting that I am living the life I wanted. I took the road less traveled, and it did make a lot of difference. There were only two options to choose from; yes or no, and the two roads. I chose yes and right and a road less traveled for myself and left the rest of the world behind me. And the world speaks for me, about me; however, they perceive me, and I only have to say:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep”. – Robert Lee Frost.

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