“The happiness series part one”

By Elise Smith

Let’s spend some time examining how what is on your mind affects what is in your life.

You will always gravitate toward what you think about most.How often have you found yourself in precisely the situation that you said you didn’t want?

The principle 

Think about something and you move toward it.
Even if you are thinking about something you don’t want, you will move toward it. This is because your mind moves toward things, never away from them.

If I say to you, “Don’t think about a pink elephant with big ears and purple spots and wearing shades,” what will fill your mind? An elephant!

Do you ever say to yourself, “I mustn’t forget that” and then go and forget it? Your mind cannot move away from forgetting. It can move toward remembering, but only if your thinking is “I want to remember that.”

This awareness of how our mind works gives us cause to consider what we are saying to ourselves and to others.

When you say to your little nephew, “don’t fall out of that tree,” you are actually helping him to fall out of it! If you say to yourself “I don’t want to forget my book,” you are already halfway to forgetting it.

This is because your mind works on pictures. When you say to yourself, “I don’t want that,” your mind works on that picture and result…. You forget your book. When you tell yourself, “I want to remember my book”, you will have a mental picture of yourself remembering, and you will be in a far better position to remember.

Your mind simply does not, cannot, and will not work on the reverse of an idea.

Many frustrated parents could ease their situation by using language which paints pictures of the desired result in their children’s minds.

Then “don’t scream!” becomes “Please be quiet” and “Don’t spill spaghetti on your best shirt” becomes “Be careful when you eat”. These differences may seem subtle, but they are very, very important.

This principle can explain why you can drive your old wreck for fifteen years and never scratch it…. and the first day you have your shiny new set of wheels, you manage to remodel the whole front end! Driving around thinking, “I mustn’t dent this car, whatever I do!” is a dangerous thought. The thought must be, I’ll drive safely.

Similarly, the person who says “I don’t want to be sick” has an uphill battle to become well, and those who fill their minds with thoughts like “I don’t want to be lonely,” “I don’t want to be broke” and “I hope I don’t mess this up” can continuously find themselves in the very situation they didn’t want.

Positive thinking works because positive thinkers dwell on what they want. They then necessarily gravitate toward their goals. Always think about what you want.

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