Fabric that you drape yourself in, is the fabric that introduces you to masses. Importance of attire is often understated by the pragmatic part of society and overemphasized by the vanity worshipers, but in truest sense of all, your garments represent a considerable part of your personality and definitely affect your aura. Whether they set forth certain symbolism or your personal take on fashion, it is undeniable that clothing is an integral part of personality not only in a shallow aesthetic sense but also in a profound psychological way.

Clothing deemed to be an intrinsic bit in the ideal image of a Gentleman, something that is idolized and coveted by many. Segueing into another avenue where attire is under spotlight are occasions, once in a lifetime or regular high society public affairs, the apparel you are accoutered in decides whether you are noticed by the right people or another face in the flock. The advent of novel fashion concepts like fusion fashion or Indo westerns and re innovation of ethnic wear, the consumer market might have been polarized but take it from a gentleman, the connoisseur’s choice remains Tuxedos.

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Often recognized by a different name “Dinner suit or Dinner Jacket”, it is the standard dress code and a timeless classic wear for formal evening events. The Tux is a black, midnight blue or white two- or three-piece suit, tailored from fine fabrics like satin or grosgrain, with distinguished lustrous lapels and always worn with a white dress shirt. A diverse range of accessories like bowler or homburg hat, the signature black bow tie, glassy cuff links, burnished pocket square and a fancy cummerbund add to the overall impressive impact of a well tailored tux. A fine suit seems ungraceful if it is not accompanied by equally stunning footwear. A hearty quote from Forrest Gump describes the shoe situation aptly,”you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they going, where they been”. Now many gents get perplexed when they are off to buy footwear for a special occasion and minding you there is a stern etiquette that governs gracing a tuxedo.

Take another advice from this gentleman, look for either the evergreen oxfords or the fancy pattern laden Brogues. But make sure that the foot wear should be invariably Black. Retreating back to the torso part, lapels are a distinguishing factor in tuxedo’s. This single feature defines and differentiates a tuxedos from regular formal business suits. The nitid lapels denote the celebratory aspect of this majestic garment. There is a wide variety of lapels, often depending on the couture you visit, therefore make sure you try more than a few to discover the one that compliments you the most.
Dress up often brings up a variety of deep seeded emotions to the surface. A considerable number of men do not possess the physique of a Greek God. They are either noticeably slender or pack a few pounds of plump. But tuxedo does not highlight these features of physique, it looks evenly magnificent on all body types.
World is a place of great variety , tuxedo is what makes you stand out in High class events. With this million dollar attire you can very well leave a graceful mark on gathering and impress your special one PS don’t forget a rose or orchid for them.

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