Have you ever felt a fear of losing someone from your life?

Being afraid of losing someone you love is not at all an uncommon feeling. It is a feeling which most of us have felt once in our life, it may be towards our parents or friends or relationships. In life, we want everything to stay forever, but that is not possible. People come into our life by their own choice and will leave on their own too we can’t force them to stay. A few people are special to us with whom we can share anything to everything; we care for them, love them unconditionally, and right we sometimes have a fear that we’ll lose them forever.

You might have come across people who want to talk to you every day, and sometimes they want to share everything with you, from what is happening in their life to what is going to happen!! But do you wonder why they do so?

While some people overshare their life with us, we might think that they want sympathy from us, and sometimes we get frustrated and stop talking to them or start ignoring them, but that might not be the case; maybe they are emotionally attached to us. The people who get attached too soon have a fear of losing the most.

If you are friends with someone you can’t be like, oh, we’ll be friends forever, it will stay if it’s meant to be, but sometimes it might end in few years or even a relationship, might lead to marriage or might not work. You need to accept that nothing is permanent in life, and if you are going to continue this fear, you might lose the bond you share or try to stretch the relationship; it might lose its magic. Due to this fear, you might cause problems in your relationships. There might be a sense of jealousy or manipulation when the person is not responding to you on time or talking to other people, you might not like it, and then you’ll start to fight with them, which will make the situation worse off.

How to overcome this fear?

1. Just relax; it’s natural: – The fear of losing someone you love is absolutely genuine. If you have feelings for them at all, then you’re going to be upset if they were to one day walk away from you. If you accept that it’s normal, you’ll accept this feeling as well.

2. Communicate: – If you are feeling the fear of losing, you might open about this to your partner, and maybe by communicating this to your partner, he’ll be able to assure you that he’ll not leave you ever.

3. Get a journal: – If you feel that you’ll not be able to communicate this to the concerned person, you can start writing a diary. Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and fear when losing someone will help you overcome the burden.

4. Realize that you might be making things worse: – If you are worrying a lot about losing someone, you might actually be making your current situation worse or even driving them away.

We need to live in the present; let time heal everything that’ll come in our way instead of thinking of the future because if we try to focus more on the future, we’ll not be able to bond and explore our relationships, and it might lose its magic because of our future concerns.

“Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone.

Don’t stress about the future; it hasn’t arrived yet

Live in the present and make it beautiful.”

Photo by Carlo bienson on Unsplash

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