It is said that we’re born with some preconceived thoughts,
While in the womb, we gather and spin in those webs,
Listening to mommy dear, absorbing her fears,
Hearing the secret whisperings of folks - near and dear.

Topsy-turvy in amniotic fluids,
Slowly amassing the strength to break free,
We are born with our heads first out,
The world turned upside down looks like the wrong route.

The value system of the household is then carved onto us,
Forming grooves that will hold all the learnings yet to come,
And thus, we become a family of sorts,
Sharing beds, surnames and unending support.

So naturally, our muses are also the same,
We adore them, praise them, emulate them,
They are the ones who have similar thoughts,
Or seem to be on the same trajectory as connecting dots.

I picked mine from a sea of favorites,
Her radiating aura of starry niceness!
She seemed to flow like magical fire,
Wrapped in silken weaves was her usual attire!

Her Indianness portrayed neatly by the vermillion mark,
And hair oiled, lightly twined with jasmine flowers,
How could she not have attracted me??!!
There was nothing unlikeable that I could see!

I waited every day like a monkey on a twig,
Dangling around the veranda to just get a glimpse,
As the clock struck sharp ten, she would go past our abode,
Her sincere and dutiful demeanor exuded her moral code.

Then some years rolled past in the blink of an eye,
I joined a teen social group to eradicate illiteracy,
And then, one day, we visited a primary school,
There SHE was - their teacher, perched on a stool.

She was engaged with her knitting yarn,
The students hovering like flies on the floor,
It seemed clear that she had done this for years,
Having a neutral tone and unhearing ears.

The rock-solid castle of my thoughts came crashing down,
Turned into pebbles of numerous doubts,
Is a muse just a wishful portrayal of the household values we learn?
The dark side of MY MOON, left my soul to churn.

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