I was cursed for a not so peaceful death,

Was alive yet murdered by society everyday.

The taunts of the society were like a pointed scythe

Murdered the already cursed soul

Oracle foretold prophecy

I would live like a wandering ghost

The omnipresent negativity was my flesh eater

I wanted to live, show my existence to this world

A black cat crossed my path- was it a myth or reality?

A Thousand weapons suddenly pointed towards me

Hurting me badly

An eyeless beast was chasing me

Blood running out of my body

I kept running, surpassing the bloody roads 

to climb a ginormous mountain,

resting beside a dead lake.

I was restless and reached a wishing well

But soon it turned into a black hole

Lights started flickering

Another oracle’s prophecy 


I kept running and saw an empty swing

Sat on it and it started flying high in air

And all of sudden I fell and slept

Was it my death ?

Was it the end?

or just an imaginative paranormal activity?

did my already sad past just got torn into shreds

If it was my death

Why my dying wish wasn’t granted?

I opened up my eyes,

saw myself alive in a coffin

I could see corpses everywhere

I was in the midst of a foggy graveyard

Screaming and howling sounds of the dead 

Scared me

I could see an abandoned house covered with skeletons

With cold feets I stepped in

Wooden stairs filled with the cobwebs

All of sudden the door behind me slammed

I shouted but there were no ears to hear

The horrifying night went scarier

When I thought there were thousand of eyes staring 

But no one was willing to say to help me

Night has thousand of eyes

It was that day I realised

I went up and wanted to change my untidy clothes

Could see a closet opened but a monster lived in that

I ran and went near a mirror

The mirror’s glass was stained with blood

I couldn’t see myself in the mirror

Extended my hand but it passed through the mirror

I literally cried to death 

A wandering ghost couldn’t live his life

An unfortunate death

I didn’t believe in ghosts until I became one…

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