This is the tale of a superhuman,
The one who reached the zenith of perfection,
The one with the shiniest suit and silken hair,
The one with well-manicured nails and unmatched flair!

He woke up every day under his pile of files,
The AC at full blast gave him puffy eyes,
But little did he care about the nitty gritty aspects of survival,
His pay-check made him so happy that a li’l pain was trivial.

The board room usually greeted him with a standing welcome,
Or a standing ovation at the end of discussions,
He had a reputation of being sharp, witty and oh so different!
His pride bubbling under his cool looking temperament.

His micro world was just full of him,
He worked and worked and collected quite some laurels,
The salt and pepper hair gave testimony to his richness,
His stash of scotch and wine gleamed like a rich witness.

And slowly, very slowly, the years went by,
The paycheck grew so high that he did not care to look,
All his wealth could be quantified in numbers, just numbers,
His body was wearing off its sheen, asking for more slumber.

Life is a personal reflection of questions and answers,
What do you want to carry with you to the ‘THE END’ sign?
A smiling face - radiating love and precious memories?
Or just some wishes for some unhappened stories?








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