Man stop killing us

We are women,

We are sisters,

We are mothers,

We are nannies.


We carried you for 9 months,

We faced labour pains to bring you into this cruel world,

We gave birth to you,

We gave you life.


We are the reason why you live,

We deserve to live too.

We deserve your respect,

Respect is all we need.


Man stop killing us,

Every second, minute and hour we lose our breath,

We lose our sisters, mothers, friends and wife.

The woman who gave birth to us.


Instead of respecting us,

You disrespect us.

Instead of showing remorse,

You continue to kill us.

Instead of protecting us,

You harm us.

What did we do to deserve this brutality?


Man stop killing us!

Your anger has crossed the line,

You have forgotten without women you are nothing,

Nothing but a helpless man!


When you kill us, who will care for you?

When you kill us, who will give you children?

When you kill us, who will raise your offspring?


Have you forgotten woman are precious?

Without women the world is useless.

Even the president is useless without his country.


Who are you man?

Did we give birth to monsters?

Did we give birth to you for you to kill us?

Did we give you life for you to reep ours,

Did we give you a chance to live for you to rip off our chances to live?

Who did we give birth to?

To a monster or man?


Who are you???

Will we stop fearing you?

Will you be the man a woman needs?

Will you stop?

Will you stop….Stop killing us?


Feminism! The word is dreaded! A lot has been said before and there is more to be said even today. 

In layman’s language, feminism is defined as addressing women’s rights on equal grounds. A person who is a firm believer in feminism is known as a feminist. 

But over time, amidst the political and woke culture, the definition has surely altered. Feminists have outgrown to become humans who enjoy bashing other sexes just to prove that they are superior.

Unwinding The Past

For years, women were suppressed. Female infanticide was a common practice in the 18th century, but things were not always the same. Going back to the Aryan period, when the whole world was just referred to as “Aryavart” was actually the time when we were several centuries ahead in terms of pensive mentality. 

Women were regarded with utmost respect. They had the freedom to choose a suitable husband through another common practice of Swayamvar. 

Talking about equal rights, Vedic culture encouraged women to read, write, participate in wars, political issues, and at the same time look after their families. 

Draupadi, the fire born, is an exemplary of a feminist. Nevertheless, she was respected by her father, brothers, and husbands, and she exercised substantial power over personal and public matters. The lotus-eyed never failed to voice her opinion, believed in herself when nobody did, and never waited for a superhero to save her. She had equal say in political matters, and no decision was taken without her knowledge about the same. 

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The Modern Era

In this modern world, we do want similar rights- just that kingdoms have now transformed into corporate life and Swayamvar changed to love marriages. Krishna, the other name for Draupadi which literally translates to the one with “dark complexion” was the most beautiful woman of the Aryan period. And now, even a slightly dusky complexion is looked down upon. 

But in this long race of freedom and equal rights, we forget to introspect ourselves. I might receive hate for this, but let me put this out: We have lost the essence of being a woman. We are the ones who made ourselves an object to please the senses. 

Life commences and ends with a woman. Since time immemorial, women were never equal to men, nor they ever will be, for they are far superior!


In Picture: Sarah Cervantes

Protesting naked on streets, displaying your body hair and period blood is no sort of feminism, in fact, a lunatic approach to “freedom”. Voice your opinions but be ready to hear other’s perspectives too. 

Going by the saying, “Men and women are two wheels of the chariot, one can’t work things without the other.”

Feminism in true essence is bringing back your divine feminine power into action. What is your take? Let me know in the comments section.