What Inspires You To Travel?

Introduction on travelling and its need 

Life operates as a business cycle. Business is an economic and risk-taking activity. Hence, life needs to be economical, healthy, and risk-taking. Otherwise, it will be boring and bulky. Adventure and tragedy make life full of enthusiasm. As a business cycle, life sometimes experience depression and occasionally lifts up and reaches a peak. When you fall, then motivation plays an efficient role. Confidence and coolness fill up your remorseful life.

Well, travel can be helpful to sort your withered life. Generally, it happens that we tend to face a loss in interest. Repetitive activities make us feel low and easily drained. Not only this, but also your home seems to be boring. The same scene outside your window drives your mind towards irritation. Travelling is the right answer to a dull and irritating environment. Hardly, you get much time to travel. Life and the world are racing fast. You need to gather full planning for leaving to enjoy the holidays. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. This proverb is extremely clear and accurate. Breaks are required by every single being living on this planet. 

Preparing a nice trip with great memorabilia is included in travelling. But wait, it is not necessary to be expensive and eye-catching. You can start with your own city or the outskirts of your city. What needs to be remembered is that the place should be relaxing and comfortable—a place away from busy towns. Travel demands money too. Obviously, you will make budgetary plans. So, plan according to your budget will be great for you. 

Travelling doesn’t compel you to travel to other continents and countries but to know your own culture. Therefore, learning and exploring your surroundings make you more aware and responsible. It is similar to meditating. Hence, meeting and being friendly with a culture won’t harm you. Instead, you will be more curious to look forward. This will enhance your knowledge and experience. You will seek travelling as attractive and mood refreshing. 

Travelling is unbiased. Everyone can travel at any time. Your age or health issues can’t stop you. Some people say, “Oh! I can’t travel. My knee joints don’t support it now”. Or “I’m too old to travel”. Sounding dull and low will never give them the courage to face challenges. Just go back to your childhood memories and live your young life once again. 

There is one thing fascinating about travelling. The thing is you meet a lot of new people around you. Mainly when someone is enjoying a solo trip. Making connections with new people is not bad. You may experience their lifestyle, working practices, culture, traditions, fashion, and preferences. It helps you to grasp more about the world—the sign made by nature- The Creation of God. The feeling is so mesmerizing. Once you visit a place, you will come back or visit more places. Your mind will fill itself from memories. Hence, it will always refresh you in the future. 

Resources that make us travel: Inspiration List 

1)Travel Videos

YouTube is the main application searching for videos and travel vlogs. Vlogging has become a great source of gathering knowledge related to specific places. It gives direction to clearly analyze and select the most suitable location. Travel Videos or Vlogs also figure out the budget and the best places to visit. You get to know about hotels and famous resorts as well. Cinematics make videos attractive and fascinating. 

2) Documentaries

Several documentaries are made to coin the term travel, showing most scenes while enjoying with friends and families. The documentaries are so well designed that you feel traveling in reality. On your Netflix and be ready to watch travel documentaries. You will learn basic things regarding traveling in documentaries. It also focuses on adventurous sports like zorbing, skiing, scuba diving, trekking, and much more. 

3) Books

Readers are always aware and clear about the genre. So, travel books and magazines are also printed with stories, interviews, blogs about famous places. The words of writers are also attractive. They explain each and every aspect so nicely. They invite you to visit a particular location and feel what they felt and wrote. 

4) Stories from Friends and Other Travellers

It is quite apparent and proven. If you find your friend or some other person telling you about a place. He will make you fall for that place before you visit it. You trust that person. You search it on Google. It wraps you around a pleasure blanket. The photos and videos shown by the other people are also an inspiring resource.  

5) Cultures

 When you see a different culture, you automatically get interested. Culture is the idea, custom, and social behavior that the people of a particular place practice to make their lives meaningful and manageable. Culture is not the same everywhere. It varies from distance to distance. It is created by the history of a place. It won’t change how much you try. A culture makes its place unique and special. You can say it is an identity. 

6) Local Festivals

Common festivals are enjoyable and enthusiastic. They build a connection between historical stories with today’s world. Celebrating a festival reminds us of the most valuable and inspiring of our culture. So, we get to know people more and their celebrations. Festival is an emotion through which people meet their ancestors and almighty. Different parts of the world celebrate different festive seasons or festivals.

7) Food

Are you all foodie? Travelling welcomes you to meet food items. The food which you haven’t seen and heard before. You will start drooling. Well, some places are highly famous for their food style. Like South India is renowned for Dosa and North India is famous for Samosa. There is no one way to make a particular dish. Different people try different methods and ingredients to impress people. 

8) Nature

Nature is known as the queen of calmness. Closeness to nature vanishes your stress in record time. A short walk between woods brings you near an understandable place. The cool and charming winds blow away your anxiety and confusion. Planning for such a place where nature is close can be full of relaxation and relief from worries. 

9) Wildlife

The chirping of birds and beautiful animals take you to the other side of the world. A trip to the zoo, wildlife sanctuaries, or national parks gives a clear and close look of an animal. The guide also teaches you about the specialty of an animal or a bird. This can be informative and knowledgeable. 

10) Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation comes within us. Once you start pulling yourself out of your daily schedule. You will find life interesting and meaningful. You may not visit each and every place of this world. you can try to travel places near you. For mood change and refreshment purposes, you need to motivate yourself. 

Work is always finding you to keep you busy. It is your responsibility to complete your work on time. Still, duty doesn’t operate unless and until authority is not well. The power is your brain, which demands rest and relaxation.

Impacts of Travelling

1. Improve Your Health 

Healthy body keeps your life stable and active. Movement is really important for body development. Sitting on one chair and not enjoying the outer world. It may really affect your senses. Imagine yourself captivated in a prison or room. This is how your brain feels while you are doing all work and no play. 

For this busy schedule, there is only one remedy and that’s travelling. Taking breaks from your regular and busy schedule is no harm to you. Even your relaxed and cheerful mind responds frequently. Mind blockage is common which certainly makes you anxious and later depressed. Fresh mind is home to new creative ideas. Your thinking power terminates slowly while you are working,working and only working. 

2. Cuts From Your Daily Routine

Four walls, one corner, you are sitting with your work and all eating, sleeping stuff there. Your life loses charm and glow. As if someone has put fevicol glue on your chair and you have no option. Let the child inside you explore more about the surroundings. The time is no longer, it’s never ending. Breath deeply and find ways to bring excitement in daily routine.

3. More Travel, More Smartness

Travelling is not just about counting the places and budget. Visiting other places enhances your knowledge. There are N numbers of languages in the world. Specially, in India every state has its own way of speech and culture. North, south, east and west every direction has a different scenario. Himalayan mountain range in the north and north eastern states, plateau region in the south, central plain region and western deserts. Still, a lot to know about many places. Not only knowledge increases but also you get to know your preferences and travelling activities. You do bookings, research, analyse, pay attention. While, travelling it is all on your shoulders to handle budgets and enjoy to the fullest. 

4. Capture Your Memories

Memories make us because we relate and connect easily. What if memories die someday? I guess it will make an unhealthy world. Memories make us emotionally active. Our feelings and mind coordinate together to bring memories pictures in front of eyes. Hence, these memories are everlasting and beautiful in their own way. You cannot twist and mould them. Whenever, they will hit you. You will automatically start feeling great and happy. Reminding yourself about travel history really makes you experienced. 

4. Love Your Home To The Fullest

“Home Sweet Home” the value of these three words increases. When you are away for too long you miss regular things. Home is the most peaceful and caring place. Yes, caring because you remain safe and secure. Travelling is good but tiring too. Sometimes you had bad experiences. At that moment. you just wish to go back. It’s very simple to explain when you are near. You dont understand much but once you move out. You realise, “Oh! I ‘ m going away from my comfortable place”. You badly miss it and understand its importance in your life. 


-Ritika Khattar

“You do not just wake up and become a butterfly, growth is a process!” – Rupi kaur

So keep improving yourself and working on yourself until you bloom!

Wearing a ring but I am not going to be a missus.

Why don’t you master and earn diamonds  than those shitty kisses

These people don’t think about you now

So why don’t you empower yourself ,oh wow!

Rather than being dejected about the ravage

Why don’t you metamorphose yourself  into a savage?

These people come, suck your energy and leave

So why don’t you pursue everything that  you believe?

You have to stand strong, kind and brave

Just to achieve everything that you crave.

Stop wasting time on people who aren’t even worth a second of it

Rather make yourself brilliant, affluent and fit

Doesn’t making great deposits, writing your cheques

Sound better than these tiny words exes and their pecks

Chase your dreams, cut your distraction

Focus on your grind, goals and glow up because you have to be an inspiration!


Lost confidence in his stature fell into a dark pit,

Confused and stricken needed closure as the story unravelled bit-by-bit.

Everything happened when progressing to a new stage where opportunities and doubts were all in place,

Deep down his self-belief was in a cage, trying to climb and recognising he still has all to chase.

Took decisions to bring out some light is still trying to stand out from the crowd,

 But will someday take the flight struggles but negative emotions will still keep him under the cloud.

Decisions will be questioned and will want to stop,

He has been destined to cry, he doesn’t  have  an option to pause. 

Continuing the  same path hefty burden still lies with him as pain, 

In hope he was reminiscent of his past and what all he gained.

Reminiscing changed to recognition of self and he soon realised the error of the ways he took the right,

Yet difficult decisions in life but tumbled down because he lost the light. 

He picked up the pieces and started his new goal to take a plunge over the cloud,

Laziness, doubts and delays were obstacles he faced to name a few

he rekindled his candle, and realised his faith to make himself accomplished and proud.

That smile. That damned smile!

 On a cold winter morning, I saw her while I was waiting for the bus to drop me at my school. Walking steadily, her hair strangling and coming on her beautiful face like waves on a beach. Wearing a printed flounce georgette suit with a mock turtle-neck   cardigan, lugging a heavy canister in her hand, probably for carrying milk or something.

 She glanced at me footing as a prop and then smiled at me like she knew me and I as a kid smiled back at her as well, pondering who’s she? It was a teeny-weeny jiff of a nice stranger smiling. It felt like she wanted to apprise me about how heavy that canister in her hand was or how cold it was that time or how unkind this world has truly been to this lovely-pleasing smile she just gave to me. It felt like she’s a friend standing by to happen.

Me and her were nothing but two people casually crossing paths yet I had a yearning to wish her a great morning and tell her how contagious her as pretty as a picture, smile really is. I didn’t know how to deal with the fact that we were just strangers passing by and when will our stars align and we’ll cross each other’s paths again because that smile made me feel like home. Maybe, a home is nothing but a warm-welcoming smile.

Sometimes, a stranger can bring a significant meaning to your life. I hope she’s genuinely contented even now wherever she is and smiling at another stranger from the middle of her heart authentically. From adoring her covertly as a stranger to writing about her as a casual writer, I remain your secret admirer. I hope that I see you again someday and if I do, this is all I’ll say.

 I looked at you longingly because you warmed my heart. I really hope that you never get exhausted with the weight of the world when you’ve to carry it all on your shoulders heartily and strongly. I hope you don’t fear but fight and come off strong and vigorous and never ever give up on life because someone out there is an absolute fan of your smile. Your smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Your smile not only warms someone’s heart but also has the power to warm that cold winter morning. Your smile reminds people that they’re loved. So, your smile is precious to someone. There’s someone who’s really glad of your existence. There’s someone who adores you and admires you from far. So, please keep that smile on and never ever give up on it. Also, remember that you’ll always move through the struggle, times may be tough but you can and you always will push through.

 “Even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again.” So, never ever give up on your life . You really are highly important because you’ve given people thousands of smiles and laughs, because you give your friends and parents a reason to be happy, because someone can see something or hear a song that reminds you of them and smile, because people will never forget the words you said to them that changed their life for the better, because you’re the highlight of someone’s day, because something won’t exist if it weren’t for you, because the world is a better place with you.