Bending Tears

I Loved the Rainy Season 

As tears are nowhere to be seen

Fake smile embraced my life

Wanted to have a genuine smile

Which would grant me another life

News followed and the day arrived

Driving me through mixed emotions.

Cried a-lot after seeing her cry

And Did something which would have an impact even after they dried.

Next day I tried to have a laugh so that she could also try to have a new life

Bent down and expressed my heart 

As she was the one I waited for quite a while

And will wait till she becomes mine.


Dodge and drive through the obstacles you face

Love yourself like your only passion 

Jump and duck from hidden burdens 

Smile and Laugh with joy 

Protect and retain it till the end

Cry and weep to show your strength and affection not your weakness

East, West ,North or South look everywhere as you will definitely find the one 

Simple is the rule of trust and bonding 

As love can change from a person to another one

Till you find the one who loves you the most 

And has the power to bind you to them forever !