Attaining equality between all genders and eliminating all forms of discrimination is core belief of United Nations . Nevertheless, women regularly suffer violations of human rights throughout their life and realize that  their rights are not upheld adequately. According to the World Health Organization,the adolescence age is 10 to 19 years, when most of the girls start with their menstruation cycle and are crucials years for development.  

We must eradicate the myths which are used as munitions against females rights. 

Period pain is no trivial matter. Certain women fight the intolerable pain from cramps. Periods must not be considered a taboo topic. As the puberty hits women, transgender, and non-binary people begin menstruation. Lastly, it’s a myth that period blood is befouled, it is merely evolved vaginal secretion. 

Menstruation Taboos And Issues: India

In India, women are not allowed to enter temples & kitchens while menstruating as food is deemed polluted by their touch. The underlying basis for this myth is the cultural belief of impurity associated with menstruation. In Tanzania, people believe that if another person sees a woman’s used menstrual cloth she will become cursed. In Bangladesh, women are discouraged from leaving home while on a period, to safeguard themselves from evil spirits.. In rural Ghana, women who are menstruating can’t enter the house if a man is inside.

Even at workplaces, women’s capabilities are besmirched with baseless allegations tied to periods and they are fed rhetorics. Phrases like,”Ask boss to go easy on you today” and others of similar ilk are blatant disrespect.

Menstruation is an indicator of health and a vital sign of life but awareness about female reproduction menstruation severely lacks on a global level. “It is time we realise that menstruation is just a  biological process and destroy taboos around the natural process.” 

“Talking is all it takes to begin a transformation and it’s time we do it.”

Written by:- Mansi Gupta

Edited by:- Divyam Madhok

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