I jumped on the train and touched the velvety seat,
After a year of social distancing, it felt like a big feat.
It was an early morning train,
Adorned by the drizzling rain!

I was looking forward to vacay days like never before,
Trying to find a balm for my heart that was beating sore.
I got goosebumps when the train left the station,
For this glee I was unable to find the right caption.

My friends chose slumber,
And my mind chose to wander,
I imagined what it is like to hike,
Or what if we could just bike?

A field of sunflowers came in sudden view,
They stood like pals, gently dusting off the morning dew.
The hue of hope -yellow, smeared across the scene,
Another coat of joy covered my being!

The train was headed to the Swiss Alps,
I wanted every moment to be in my grasp.
Did not want to miss out on any fun,
The chocolate, the fondue, and a visit to CERN!

In that frenzy of happy-evil thoughts,
I imagined the snow-covered Alps with a yellow spot!
Oh, there was a field of sunflowers,
Swaying amidst the snowy powers!

“Wait..hold for a second!” said my mind
“Is that something you can ever find?”
My mind hovered over this thought for a while,
A new thought was born, and I certainly smiled.

No, Dear Heart, sunflowers do not grow on snow,
You can’t have it all so, please take it slow.
There is a day for rain, a day for sun,
A flash of pain and a moment of fun!

On some days, you can merely crawl,
On some other, you will simply fall,
So, buck up for the journey that is life,
Unique but also mundane, it is going to be a slow drive!

Wherever you are planted, suck up on life’s juice,
Happiness and sorrow will find their truce.
You can’t be everywhere and have everything all at once,
Sunflowers don’t grow on the Alps, but they do sway whenever the sun comes

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