When I woke up today my sight fell on the window,
Behind the curtains, I could feel the dark shadow of clouds.
But when I moved closer, I saw a cloud-free sky.
Filled with wintry sunbeams and felt a happy high.

So, I gently smiled and stretched my arms in a welcoming pose,
Autumn has crept slowly beneath our feet,
The fallen yellow leaves are like a carpet of dreams.
I walked past a velvety maroon dahlia in full bloom which alas! Will be gone

The seasonal plants are donning the winter look,
While the evergreens stand steady against the gusty breeze.
Seasons remind me of life- slow and constant changes,
And that perfection lies somewhere in between, never reaching a final

Perfection is only a narrow vision,
Seeing only that lights up while ignoring the dark spaces,
And suddenly I felt elated like a chirpy bird,
But I can only walk. So, I walked with a spring in my steps in autumn!

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