What’s better than having a serene object that fills your working area or your comfort place with loads of oxygen!

Chlorophytum plants, or better known as spider plants, always top the list of indoor plants. Spider plants never go out of trend when it comes to setting up a good interior, particularly because of its appealing look and other varied benefits. Let’s help you with the advantages of having spider plants.

Why should you consider growing Spider Plants?

  1. Pets’ Best Companions

While people have started planting due to diverse benefits, most of them have pets at their places too. Cats and dogs have an eerie attraction towards unique plants, but most of those are dangerous for the pets. But adding to the positives, spider plants are safe and non-toxic for your pets so you don’t have to worry about your creatures eating the pants.

  1. Contributes To Better Health Of Individuals

Chlorophytum is known to reduce stress and thereby helps in improving blood pressure and heart rate. Besides that, it also absorbs most of the toxic gases from the air, including the lethal carbon monoxide followed by formaldehyde and many more. 

  1. Low maintenance

Many of you might love these little beauties but often forget about adequate watering and providing conditions necessary for their growth. But once you set up the spider plants, you don’t have to worry about watering them frequently. These are self-sufficient and manage to grow even in the shortage of water. 

Source: Lucian Alexe

What To Keep In Mind?

  • It is important to know that one should not keep these plants in direct sunlight. The tiny beauties require moderate conditions and hence, can easily grow in bright light or even in artificial lighting.
  • Avoid too much watering as it can lead to root rotting. Root rot hampers the growth of the plants and decreases their life span. 
  • Take extra care of the spiderettes. Most of the harmful insects damage the shoots and hinders the growth of the budding plants.

If you have gone through the requisites and precautions, you are all set to rock dear plant enthusiasts! Chlorophytum plants are actually a wonderful investment if you are looking forward to setting up a beautiful and healthy surrounding.

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