Happiness is being around someone you love

even someone meeting someone new

A day came when I meet someone sweet, 

someone who was wrongfully judged and needed help

Crying out loud but inside but silent on the outside

struggled and fought with everyone 

not for her but for her friends

Solved my life which was just a puzzle

helping her made every single one of my moments.

doing something strange, bringing someone to a place

where no one was allowed

lost her due to the stubbornness I had

thought was the best I ever did

which actually made me desperate to have her back

even when she was seeing someone

I lost 

never even thought of having another chance

chances do come, said everyone

and at last, I got the chance to right my wrong

grabbed it but never forced it 

it could be my last chance to have what I lost 

But most importantly, making someone happy and feeling important and cared for

because I care for her the most, even more than I have cared for myself since all the life is gone!

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