“Hoots of applause, the inauguration of an enormous organization and journey printed on cosmopolitan magazines”, is the life of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur, someone who has to wake up and be ready. Someone who had to go through hours of brainstorming to turn dreams into reality. Someone who has to see possibilities in the smallest of light. It is how Scott Beisky quotes that “ It is not about ideas. It is about making ideas happen.” An entrepreneur leads a life with constant improvisation and strategies. We often classify entrepreneurs to be the bosses of their lives. Why? Because they have the power to decide, to execute, and to carry forward. Everything begins with their yes and ends with the same. There is one to carry the responsibilities, shift the working timings and think about limitless ideas. An entrepreneur goes on controlling his assets, mind maps, capital, deadlines, and all the affairs of his or her organization. For those who see at first glance, the life of an entrepreneur seems pretty enticing and so we crave for it. 

Today, the advent of social media has boosted the lives of entrepreneurs. Every time you scroll Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, all you can see is how glorifying their lives are. Every entrepreneur documents their process or journey in a positive limelight. Social media platforms have become mainstream channels for entrepreneurs. It has benefitted them in gaining more customers, interacting with new start-ups, and promoting their organizations. Everything is glittering and joyful when it comes to entrepreneurs on social media. They do not hesitate in sharing their achievements. It is because the human mind is conditioned in such ways. We love to see the piles of achievements. We build reliability as customers when we see an organization excelling only. There are always uncertainties and risks when it comes to sharing downfalls. An entrepreneur who shares their weakness might receive either support or complete abandonment. An entrepreneur’s life on social media is only about his or her ventures. This makes the followers think that an entrepreneur works 24 hours and every day.

The light of prosperity for entrepreneurs on social media has made us think of them as rich. All the positives of an entrepreneur indicate that they have a pouring bank account. The floating events, entrepreneurs exiting limousines, and paparazzi, stream on social media. This makes the followers think that their entrepreneurial icon is living a life of luxury. Another aspect we think of entrepreneurs on social media is what they promote, sell soon. Promoting their startups on social media will gain them more revenues. It will explode their presence in the market through digital platforms. But that is not always true. Social media is yet again considered to be a brand-building platform. It is considered to be ideal for entrepreneurs because it promotes their ventures. These promotions indicated that the venture is going well with no loopholes. To bring it all together, we have been misled by social media in perceiving the actuality of entrepreneurs. Those unrealistic pictures tell us that all is shining. Those creative posts make us believe that the venture and entrepreneur are succeeding with no threats or challenges to tackle.

The life of an entrepreneur portrayed on social media, only tells you half of the story. The reality check is that there is a lot to deal with for an entrepreneur. Starting a venture brings heaps of challenges for the entrepreneur to tackle. There is one after another problem behind the door which waits for solutions. While the posts and images tell you how the entrepreneur is flourishing, it takes hard work to do so. Here are the reasons why the reality of an entrepreneur is different from his/her life on social media.

  • Risk and Risk again:

The first thing for an entrepreneur is to take the risk. Believe it or not, even creating a post related to the venture is a kind of taking a risk. It takes a whole lot of hours to strategize in minimizing the risk. However, the main hindrance to clear for an entrepreneur is to go ahead and take the risk. Minimizing the risk with a proper plan saves the chances of complete downhill. But there is always an ambiguity in the steps an entrepreneur takes. All he or she can do is tackle the risks and turn them into achievements.

  • Competition everywhere

Recently, countries and states are engaging more in the entrepreneurial sector to raise their economic welfare. This brings in a huge sum of competition. An entrepreneur is always at the stake of either losing or winning. New competition in the market threatens the continuation of the existing ventures too. If you look at the entrepreneur’s social media posts, it would look all easy and straight. However, every new competition might pose the chance to overtake previous ventures. 

  • Reasonable capital

Capital is a constant worry for entrepreneurs. To have a reasonable amount of bank balance might be hard owing to uncertain consequences. The pompous posts and pictures on social media might tell you how well the entrepreneur’s life is. But it is an opposite tale on the other side. As an entrepreneur, there must be a continuous raise of funds to support the venture. It also takes a long time when the venture is at the initial stage. 

  • Improvised strategies:

Be it in the market or a digital platform, strategies differ between entrepreneurs mainly. The customer looks for new features and affordability. To sell, to promote, entrepreneurs need a complete pitched strategy to work out. While you only view the content on media and call it good or bad, it takes a huge amount of time to come up with content. An entrepreneur and the team have to constantly brainstorm through ideas, to differ their strategies from the existing ones.

  • Absence of initial benefits:

On social media, the life of an entrepreneur might look glorious. There is the freedom to change and decide. But with this, comes the part of enjoying no benefits. To take one’s venture into a desirable position, an entrepreneur enjoys no benefits. There are no paid vacations, health insurance, life insurance, membership, and other facilities. While an entrepreneur has the freedom to have them anytime, he or she needs to manage well with the capital. 

  1. Handling mounting stress:
  2. You might love an entrepreneur due to his gleaming grin in pictures. However, there is a constant ruckus created for managing stress. Be it an entrepreneur’s dream or the next step, entrepreneurship brings a lot of stress. The stress to do well, strategize things, do them at the earliest might pressurize an entrepreneur’s mind. This stress might be overwhelming at times and can lead to anxiety too. Besides that, for the new entrepreneurs, it would be a stress to do well in the initial stages and earn market reliability. 
  • Instability by responsibility:

All it’s uncertain when it comes to an entrepreneur’s life. Things might work out for the first half but they might fail for the next half. A market strategy would work out only for a while. Once there is a shift in customer size or the entering of more ventures, the entrepreneur has to change his approach again.

Another aspect that an entrepreneur’s life is not easy is taking responsibility. Everything which happens to a particular venture points to the responsibilities of an entrepreneur. There is no one to be appreciated or blamed, but only the entrepreneur. He is responsible to grow his venture further if it prospers or thinks of ideas to back bounce if all goes downhill.

All in all, an entrepreneur lives two different lives on social media and in reality. Life on social media tells you only about the golden stars achieved by an entrepreneur. But when you look close or rather into actual reality, things appear clear and different. It takes nights to put down and decide upon strategies. It takes more hours to think about these strategies. Every day, it is a kind of sailing between success and failure. every time, it’s picking up the weakness and remodeling them. If you compare both the lives, life, in reality, will tell you the real tasks of an entrepreneur. It is about chasing dreams even when challenges lay ahead. It is about understanding the people, need and framing service or products to facilitate the missing. An entrepreneur is not just about gaining profit, rather he or she is a doer, dreamer, and thinker. In the words of Rob Kalin, the co-founder of ETSY, for an entrepreneur, “The last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%.” 

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