This poem is narrated on Thalia’s wedding day, as she finally makes way gracefully to her happiness.

There she goes bringing a bouquet for her fiancé,

I guess the clocks are also in favour,

Her lustrous eyes, good omen, hide colossal secrets out-of-way.

From nonage dance was her keen demeanour,

And her portrayal of “Ballet Russe,” instigates erratic vigour.

Sitting by the lakeside calms her mind and brain,

Consisting of foregone tales, adventures and dwindling doors.

Birds humming clubbed with the stillness of a water body bestows an elegant terrain.

An octave we used to be, tough sun rays around us in our springtime,

Her frantically superfluous gait among us keeps us drizzled.

Survivor by birth, yet a lotus born in grotesque grime,

Phantom father figure shaped her scars and her house’s dismissal.

Glancing at the rainbow achieved through a ray, seen utmost seven wonders dazzled,

Span of lustrum spent as an expatriate pursuing the decree of ballet.

Fortune flourish upon thy Thalia, met you, quite a charm chuckled,

Hey! Look, the one-eyed raven has arrived along with a series of fresh bouquets and a buffet.

Written by: Varun Gupta


Edited by: Ria Shridher

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