A tiring day at school or office makes you weary when you return home. Despite all the
hardships, there is one thing that makes you wait eagerly. It is cuddling with your pet. Animals, the creatures who are in contrast to what we are. They have been more loyal to everything than us. They are best friends, protectors, helpers, and the shield before nature. Surprisingly, we have also grown close to them. This closure is best defined with what Anthony Douglas Williams says, “When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” One particular creature with whom we have grown our attachment is the dog. We often hear or believe that dogs are more loyal than human beings. Why is it so? Loyalty is a natural mentality of dogs. They view humans as a part of their pack. So, they believe that loyalty will keep them alive, and that is why they tend to be loyal to their master.

Dogs have a chain of history connected to their origin. They are the domesticated descendants of the wolf. The extinct wolf and today’s modern grey wolf are considered to be the closest relatives of dogs in recent times. These species were first discovered by the hunters nearly 15,000 years ago. It has been for a stretched time that humans have considered dogs to be their guards and friends. Dogs lend their paws to mankind in several aspects. They help them in herding, tugging loads, military, police department, therapies, and disabled people. Due to everything they have done or are doing, we know the dogs as our best friends. Like humans who come with differences, dogs also have differences, broadly classified as breeds. To date, we have 450 globally recognized breeds of dogs. They are classified as different breeds based on their body size, skull, fur type, color, and tail phenotype. However, be it a german shepherd, pug, Pomeranian, or poodle, dogs carry the same traits. Their behavioral attributes include protecting, hunting, huddling, detecting smell, and recouping. Apart from being loyal to humans and lending them assistance, dogs have left their mark throughout history by doing simply astonishing things. They are not just athletics and models, but they have also done what was supposed to be possible by man only. Be it the world beyond Earth or the northern pole; dogs have been everywhere. They have left behind their marks and, at times, challenged the capabilities of humans. We cannot just celebrate the greatest men or
women in the world, but also the greatest dogs in the world. Here are some of the dogs who paved the way for their glory with intelligence in a human dominant world.

  • Laika: A dog who journeyed to space
    Call it to be the tyranny of humans to send dogs to space. Or the first animal to be in space, Laika stands as an exception amongst her species. She was sent to orbit the Earth in space from her known streets of Moscow. Before her journey to space, Laika was cleaned, adorned with sensors, sanitation devices, and spacesuits having metal restraints. She brought historic glory to the animal kingdom after she orbited the Earth for 103 minutes. Her heartbeats increased to triple times of her actual heartbeats. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected loss of the heat shield, the temperature increased. Laika met a tragic but brave end and was
    pronounced dead after being launched into space. The temperature was already heightened in the fourth orbit, and reports revealed that Laika could not make it after two orbits. Laika’s journey had been condemned as animal cruelty instance. However, after her commendable voyage to space, Laika was in stamps of countries like North Korea, Poland, Albania, Romania. The show “Animating Life” was based on Laika’s life. A vegan patterns and animal rights magazine, “Laika,” is published in the United States.
  • Rupee: The rising paws on Mount Everest
    An initially stray dog in the dumpster, Rupee, was saved by her current master, Joanne Lefson. With the guidance of its master, Rupee did what was considered to be impossible. The climb to Everest is nerve-wracking and filled with difficulties for everyone. Joanne and Rupee are set on a challenging and uncertain journey of scaling Mount Everest. Yet, despite all the clouding uncertainties, Rupee and Joanne set on a trip to turn dreams into realities. After consulting the vet, who assured that Rupee would be fine, the dog was on its first expedition. After ten days of scaling through the snow and cold, Joanne and Rupee reached the base camp. The base camp was 17,000 ft above sea level. Before its expedition on Mount Everest, Rupee has also been to spots like the Taj Mahal and Nepal, befriending the locals. This dog is the first one to be on Mount Everest. It has set an example for all those who abandon their dogs. It also had the experience of trekking through the snow. The friendship between Joanne and Rupee speaks of how animals and men can walk together.
  • Titina: Sprinting to the North Pole
    Known for a successful journey to the North Pole, Titina, with her four paws, made her way through the wilderness and harsh temperatures. She was the companion of Umberto Nobile, one of the catastrophic figures of exploration. An Italian inventor and airship pilot, Nobile flew to Norge in 1926. He was not supported for his adventure except for Titina, who was his only companion. He found her stranded on the streets of Rome and picked her up in 1925. Tina’s life changed when she flew with her master to the North pole in an airship, despite hating to fly. The news of Titina’s flying was cheered as she and her master set on the journey to fly from Rome. After the successful journey of Titina and Nobile to the North Pole through Norge, they set off on another journey. Another airship, Italian, was built. However, it crashed on frozen wastes of the Arctic. While half of the crew were dead, Nobile and Titina were amongst the survivors. Titina is known for her fearless attitude to travel to the North pole. It is said that she was only 10 inches high but courageous enough to scare a polar bear.
  • Rin Tin Tin- The star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Have you ever thought of dogs as actors or actresses? Well, the thought might sound absurd. But what if it is true? Rin Tin Tin was reduced by American soldier Lee Duncan amidst World War I havoc. He was a male German shepherd, and Duncan called him Rinty. He trained him and got the silent film work for his dog. After that, Rin Tin Tin became a massive star. He went on to be cast in 27 Hollywood movies and become a global celebrity too. He is credited for the increase of liking of German Shepherd by the people. The starring of Rin Tin Tin had profited Warner Bros. It also extended the career of Darryl F. Zanuck. Zanuck went onto becoming a
    screenwriter, then producer, and studio executive. After Rin Tin Tin died, none of his descendants could replace him. The show is based on Rin Tin Tin’s life, with the title same as his name was nominated for PATSY awards in 1958 and 1959. After his death, Rin Tin Tin was remembered by every magazine and newspaper. His death had also become an emergency news bulletin, and an hour-long program based on his life was also showcased. On February 8 in 1960, Rin Tin Tin was accorded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1627 Vine Street.
  • The Old Drum: A tragic yet powerful creature
    Have you ever thought about the origins of the phrase “Dog is man’s best friend”? In hindsight, none of us have, but we all nod in agreement. In 1869, the Old Drum was a hound living in Missouri. He was killed when he loitered around the neighboring farming property. His master, Charles Burden, was in deep agony. He sued the neighbor for killing his dog in court. Only during this time, George Vest, a lawyer, gave a passionate summation. This came to be known as the famed “Eulogy of Dog,” which was circulated to masses. During this time, the speech included the phrase “man’s best friend” for the first time. Today, there is a monument for Old Drum dedicated to a courthouse in Warrensburg. Besides this, an annual festival is held in
    Missouri known as “Home of Man’s Best Friend.” These are only a few dogs who changed history. Many have done their part, and many are still doing. Before we hurt them or consider ourselves to be wiser than dogs, we need to think. They
    might be speaking an unknown language, but dogs communicate love and peace more than us. They know how betrayal might feel, so they tend to be loyal to us. They know how we need someone’s help, so they hold on to us forever. They change the mode of history. They say that animals can rise too. To end, it is as simple as what M.K. Clinton says, “The world would be a nicer place if everyone could love as unconditionally as a dog.”

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