On a day like today, where I've learned a few tricks in the lab, 
I feel a teeny bit smarter, and now I'm sitting with my tab.
In my comfy bed and a cup of hot drink,
My muscles are fatigued, but my face has a grin!

On days like today, I like to be alone,
Tough and beautiful, like a pinecone.
But I just heard the pitter-patter,
So I rush to the window with all the strength that I can gather.

On days like today, I'd like a cool breeze,
To smell sweet magnolias and to see black clouds crease.
But instead, a warm wind blows to my nose,
Fast first and then slow, up and close.

On a day like today, I like the hint of summer,
Guess it's okay to let go of the 'daily armor'...
Of wanting things to be just up close and personal,
Guess it's also okay to be your kind of seasonal.
On a day like today, I'm okay with staying up late,
To draw a few more warm breaths that my day can take.
Till I lay back on my bed and be the regular me,
Only a hint of seasons is enough, please let me be. 

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