“One Sip at a Time” is a sort of a memoir of the romantic tryst. The author Keith and his lovely wife Val are both fell in love with each other.

A few years ago, a decade to be precise,
On a dark, gloomy evening, I sat with a cup of coffee,
Wondering how it all happened so fast,
Would victory just be a thing of the past?

I was the school topper and a much-praised kid,
It was like living in a bubble, now that I see.
Though it did me good for those precious childhood years,
But college brought with it a new life and unseen fears.

From being the top kid, I slipped to being mediocre quite fast,
The longing for home made this process even worse.
Never had I lived far from family, never had I lived in a fast-paced city,
My safety cover cracked wide open, and no one said a word of pity.

Amidst the new realizations, time slipped even faster
The final semester came knocking at my door,
The dates for entrance exams filled up the timeline,
And in the end, in none could I shine.

So, with a stomach full of anxiety and acidic juices,
I decided to take a gap year and got into a new routine.
My housemates went about their everyday lives,
While I stayed at the apartment, trying hard to survive.

It was hurtful at first as I often hid tears,
Woke up after everyone left to avoid the normalcy,
I was free of expectations for myself and from the world,
And it did me good as I slowly uncurled.

It was in those days that coffee indeed became my friend,
The high it gave me was a real blessing.
For the first time in my life, I had the time to spare,
To be truly immersed in the sensation of being free of care.

I wrote these lines in my diary, and I put them here in raw form:
“I love this cup of coffee, and this is the only happiness I have. But sip it well because
this might become a luxury tomorrow.”
What a wise thing to think of, what a wise thing to write it down!
While I felt that I had lost my crown!

We work hard to make our lives better than yesteryear,
Spending hours immersed in a routine that tires us in and out.
The mind is pushed to the back seat as we create new promises to keep,
And then this churn goes on for most of the time, and bygones are pushed deep.

Lost sometimes on evenings like today when I sit with unending questions,
I grab my cup of coffee and think of the lessons that I taught myself.
Like taking a sip at the fountain of wisdom and enjoying the moment —
Life takes care of its own when simplicity becomes the default element.

What are the moments that speak to you?
Which stay with you like a close friend,
And tell you, again and again, to go slow and rejoice,
Because things are simple at their core but seeing them that way is our own choice!

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