A voyage to be carried out, embracing some long-gone chapters and rejoicing what is coming next. A rover deploys from the heart of a senile old man, covering different and exquisite experiences, lessons and future endeavours as he remembers all the people he has ever loved.

“Thrusters at full pace, commander!”

“Lose the restrains, brace for the deep dive”

And the thoughts begin to flow.

Tom and Jerry, brotherhood, squirrels on the pole,

Alias and jokes showered from every tongue,

Limpid charming traits he had, though I was an oddball.

Dusty our clothes were, day-night seemed so young.

Big screens were his fanatic, dragged me there like a tadpole,

Stampede scourged the theatre, where the eyes see rushing drunk,

“Just run” echoing everywhere, a jostle came with a voice “go-on,”

A sigh of relief came beneath,

Evacuated, unscathed, yet a glossy grin over thy wee punk.

Fortune favours the bold, was witnessed at that very core.


Advent of that lovely singing nightingale, breath’s hold,

Love of my life, floriferous my bare heart,

A million memories crafted with her, over the life’s canvas standing bold,

Reflect like a rainbow is the gist of a beautiful art.

Though her parents were a bit adamant with their hands enfold.


Stormy winds rustle through the mast, ravaged it bow to stern,

The feeling of alienation and hunger for gold,

Engulfed the eldest brother’s brain.

Lily, sweet younger sister was all my concern,

And yet dismantle was at its shore, as if there awaits a trembling train.


Knots-tied among bride and bridegroom,

A span of one biennium surfaced us a love balloon,

Sweet sister left widow, built her own quaint room,

Together-living inside a fun family cocoon.


Sun awaits the moon,

Moon is sieged by the stars,

I look upon myself like a reborn tycoon,

Extolled every day for covering those arcs,

Zeal to tackle through night’s gloom.


Driven drastic the wheel of life,

Wish must have held that twilight,

Even through thick and thin days, 

Drawn red-green, blue-black, violet-pink,

Now stared upon those stars sparkling bright. 

Oh! that call announces, “Himalayan Tour,”

Gladstone’s creaking voice ignites excitement,

Reverie also seen with peak’s glory and grandeur,

Merrily mellow, the departure was, proclaim redefined retirement.

Written by: Varun Gupta


Edited by: Ria Shridher

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