Know the occasions on which nature introduced its self-cleaning activities to us.

The environment is a word interpreted in numerous ways and numerous dialects. Some call it to be the surroundings we live in, and some call it to be the homes we make. We see the fluttering butterflies, chirping birds, jiggling trees, and the beaming sky when we look around. All of them embrace us, shielding us in their fuzzy blankets. Remember when you felt your room to be cold, so you looked out of the window to search for light. Or the time you stopped playing in the park, watching the birds flying back to their homes on trails. Or the time you sat alone at the mountain top with the evening skies while your friends on a trip danced to booming songs. Every time you might remember these instances of your life, nostalgia would flood in. But, there must also be a “thank you” for nature to give you such memories. We often hear our grandparents talking about the abundance of nature their eyes have seen and how they yearn for it. We might not always need the lush green fields and blue skies, but they do. That is how they had spent life. And as much as technology has evolved our lives, we cannot deny that our hearts do ask for it someday. 
Today, we have everything, or we are trying to make everything available to us. If you wish for a television box, uncountable companies lay before your sight. If you wish for western snacks, food industries produce them and shops line them up for you. We can call ourselves to be “dummies”, with technology controlling us and spoon-feeding us with our desires. We have continuously prioritized our needs over our homes. And in fulfilling these dreams and wishes, we have forgotten that we are making our homes suffer. Our mother planet dwindles between life and death because we are sprinting after all the temporary glitters of modernisation. If someone is to blame, it is us. We began the industrial revolution, and we exceeded it to the limit, that it has endangered our lives and nature’s. We brought in vehicles emitting harmful particles into the pure breeze, and we dumped the black bunches of garbage on the street, thinking it to be garbage bins. We are the ones, who plastic bags smother the animals. We are the ones who have turned the blue waves into sickening grey shadows. When the times come to stand and work collectively, we busy ourselves blaming nations after nations, for the ailing health of nature.

Education and practices start from homes and then disseminate to the masses. What we learn as children, we inculcate them till we grow and walk. It is both unfortunate and concerning to see that we and our descendants remain unbothered about preserving our roof and land. You can see some of us carelessly blowing used waste materials out of their cars, spitting on the bricks of pavement, plucking flowers just because they are beautiful, bursting crackers to scare away animals, cutting down trees to make papers and writing “save earth”. Either we have not been taught well, or we have forgotten the ways of dwelling with environment, in environment. And unless we curb these reckless practices, they will not stop, and chances of living on earth will continue to shorten, day by day. There is a quick yet detailed need to create awareness of preserving the only breathing planet which we have. Many organisations and NGOs have come forward to do so. Yet none can deny that it is too late and people are yet to understand how grave the situation is.

Humans always took nature for granted. But, what if nature returns back the treatment we have mated it out? If we have the power, nature has the same and maybe triple times the understanding which we have. Every day, we wake up, clean ourselves and walk out with all the necessities so that nothing hinders us. Similarly, nature does the same, and it will continue to do the same. You keep gathering heaps of wastes and it shall wash away, you keep burning its resources and it shall soothe the land with its waves. You keep cutting down the trees and it shall damage your modern establishments. Here are the times, when nature cleaned up your waste, to bring relief for itself

Hurricane Alex, USA

Occurred in 2016, Hurricane Alex originated from the Atlantic. The hurricane had halted all the aspirations of the USA to extract oil. In their process of extracting oil, the ocean was left with spilled oil and residues with no one to clean. After the hurricane occurred, oil was pushed back deeper into the land, where the officials were trying hard to extract it. The hurricane had set up an example of what a natural disaster can do to an ongoing environmental degradation. Hurricane Alex had also lowered down the levels of volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide, in the Gulf shore. It has also carried the waste and oil residues and left them at the shore and electrical transformers. The hurricane had also cut off the beach’s connection due to its high waters.

Saroma Tornado, Japan

Occurred in 2006, Saroma Tornado ripped apart forty buildings in northern Japan. The tornado had mostly caused casualties at a tunnel worksite of tunnel. It blew away the plans of the government to build a tunnel by excavating the soil and its fertility. Homes and their roofs were destroyed, cars were swept away, and poorly built structures collapsed. Stronger reinforced-concrete buildings had partial roof collapse, all doors blown in, and total loss of glass windows; they also lost the entrances if they were not made of steel-reinforced concrete, patios were swept away, and garages were blown in. While mankind had faced a harsh living, nature returned back what was being given to it. Japan is a country with the best technological advancement. As a result, vast green land was turning into industries, factories and establishments. Tunnels and roads covered the nation with least bother to how the skies turned grey and waters were contaminated. So, nature took upon itself to bring back cleanliness to its fragments.

Cyclone Tauktae, India

One of the most recent self cleaning of nature, Cyclone Tauktae hit the western coast of India in 2021. The cyclonic storm had left its major impact in Mumbai, Gujarat and Kerala. Mumbai, which is thriving on seven islands, had all its water bodies contaminated by waste materials. This cyclonic storm had thrown away all the garbage in the sea and beaches, on the shores, teaching man to dispose of waste rationally and in the right place. The abundance of waste, ranging from plastic bottles to carry bags could be seen “adorning” the shores, sending back return gifts to our homes. The cyclone was one of the deadliest cyclones in the Arabian Sea since last decade. The destructive cyclone has also answered to the change in climate, which is caused by our irrational activities and determination to bore wealth and glory. The cyclone coincided with the Covid wave in India. It did clean itself of the dirt we had rubbed on its face, and it also warns us that in this process, it can cause destruction to our lives just as we do its life.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami

Occurred in 2004, Tsunami in Indian Ocean had affected Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Maldives and Sri Lanka. It also affected the coast of Africa and the Middle East. While thousands of lives perished in the tsunami which occurred, environmental replenishment was observed too. Recovery of environmental assets such as water, land, forests, agricultural and fishing areas, ecosystems, mangroves and coral reefs were restored. The tsunami had also disposed of the man-made wastes in an environmentally appropriate manner. Solid waste and disastrous debris were washed away by the sheer magnitude of the tsunami. Hazardous materials and toxic substances which were mixed up with ordinary debris were cleaned up. Industrial waste, including asbestos, oil fuel, and other industrial raw materials and chemicals, were cleaned up.This saved the planet from observing another air burning and open dumping. Water bodies which were contaminated with septic tanks and toilets, sewages in filtering the water system, were free from all the harmful residues, sent into it by human activities of production and modernisation.

The above mentioned instances are just a few in number, There are numerous times when the planet decided to take matters in hand. While humanity continues to go astray from its promises, nature is reinforcing all those forgotten salient duties of mankind, if they belong to the world. We must act appropriately to reduce the emission of harmful gases, cut down use of vehicles and petroleum, practice afforestation, save the water bodies, love the other fauna and work without hurting the heart of nature. Everyone of us lives and it is the duty of each other to . The wounds are deep and the medicine bitter, but this combination of bitter and deep will earn us a happy future. After you start preserving the only chance of survival, you will also sing,” I don’t wanna live another life, ’Cause this one’s pretty nice.”

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