To overcome the fears of

death rolling the dice

on my coffin,

I decided to lock horns with it

on a night

when it hardly matters if you

feed on juices and toasts

or blood and flesh.

It was Kate and Dylan’s favourite time of the year, two of my closest 

nocturnal party animals

who decided to go on a sanguinarian trio

as Halloween was on the cards.

We got our items arranged

only to meet back at seven,

as Doolin was out of its fishing vibes

to unleash the harness of the demon.

Costumes could be seen

indulging into more primitive selves,

spooky noises were battling

their path to Galway.

We went past the arena

thanking Kate for her choice

that made us all look unique.

We saw a man,

calmly lighting his cigar

away from the usual crowd

as they used to portray

old school detectives

but this one was more dressed like us.

Coincidentally we walked his walk

with Dylan slowly sailing into 

his recent fishing tales.

We crossed the woods,

got near the bank 

in a very tame attempt to avoid 

the man we followed.

We failed

and found ourselves seated next to him,

as Kate needed some bonfire.

Dylan began trading tales

as I looked at shivering Kate.

At the hour mark,

we mutually needed a return

as the man with the old fling costume

introduced himself as Jadon.

To our surprise,

he wanted us to stay

and asked Dylan to convince us

something that the boy has yet to

break the deadlock in.

We moved against the stoppage 

towards a less familiar place

and Kate called it a graveyard,

which at first 

brought us excitement

before we saw Jadon

asking us to settle 

on a nearby log of oak.The surrounding was marshy

and so was Jadon’s presence

he asked one of us to 

pull up the sleeves

and he was very vocal about

feeding on our blood.

His vintage looks

and ageless tattoos 

made some sense now.

A Romanian Vampire

adapted in Irish culture,

Jadon was the last cold-blooded standing

and thus, needed more like him.

Dylan, for the first time

looked more than just worried.

On full potential,

we ran to save the day

didn’t roll our eyes,

couldn’t stop our beats.

Grabbed by the vamp

I responded with a flick

and hit straight at the wall.

The clock was screaming loud

and I could hear Kate, 

banging on the door.

I have never been this happy

on being late 

until I saw my boots

dipped in wet mud

with smoked cigar ash.

I was ready to enter

the ring holding my fears

trapped in a muleta.

Written by: Ayush Arya

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