The forms of art that possess the power to instruct and delight are known as great arts. Likewise, a good movie is one that not only entertains but inspires and endeavors to bring about a positive revamp in society. Undoubtedly, movies impact lives immensely, which has been testified through various ways, positive or negative. Even songs have an everlasting effect and can propel one into a world of dreams, thoughts, and memories. The power of movies as a guiding light and a harbinger of change can not be denied and must not be overlooked. Here, we shall shed light upon a few such movies that have left the audience in awe as well as compelled them to think deeply. These movies might not have had commercial success but have garnered enormous critical acclaim. 

  • Aligarh


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Even though, as a society, we have become more accepting, there is still a lot of stigma around homosexual relationships. Starring exemplary actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Rajkumar Rao, the movie Aligarh narrates the life of an old professor whose world turns upside down when his video of having sexual intercourse with a rickshaw puller is leaked. Having been deprived of his right to privacy and feeling deceived, he further faces injustice when the University he works at fires him because of his sexual orientation, labeling him as a bad influence in society. Deep Sebastian, a news journalist, upon coming across his story, pitches it to his editor, urging him to let him cover the Professor’s story. This movie stands as an advocate of gay rights and how a man is compelled to lead a life of loneliness owing to his sexual preferences.

Through its moving portrayal of the suffering of the Professor and his tragic death, alone and deprived of love, this movie urges people to shed their age-old, blind beliefs and let people live the way they want to, the way they should. It states that even though we may not be directly involved in such injustice, just being mere spectators is proof of our participation in it. 

  • Article 15

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Even though we have come a long way and, with each passing day, are advancing towards a better and brighter world, we are still haunted by the ghosts of our age-old systems. One such evil that still lurks within our society is caste discrimination. Article 15, starring Ayushmann Khurana and directed by the phenomenal Anubhav Sinha, sheds light upon the same and the caste-based crimes and discrimination in the village of Jalgaon. Ayan Rajan, an IPS officer, confronts such a case when three minor girls of the village go missing, and two are found hanging from a tree the next day. The movie unravels the thrilling, horrifying, and gut-wrenching tale of these deaths that is sure to leave people fear-stricken and with a heavy heart.

  • Piku

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Movies, especially Hindi cinema, are known for their exaggerated narration. But some movies have left a mark for their simplicity, ordinary nature, and for calling a spade a spade. One such movie is Piku, starring Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan. Portraying the role of a caring daughter, Piku, the movie shows how women have every right to lead a single life and take care of their families if they choose to. It shows how women empowerment does not only mean breaking away from every cage and not looking back but staying, owning up to your responsibilities, and still leading the life you aspire to have. The most beautiful part of the whole movie is the father-daughter relationship portrayed in the movie and how accepting Piku’s father is of her choices. 

  • Badhaai Ho

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Truly a one of a kind movie, Badhaai Ho, starring talented actors such as Ayushmann Khurana, Gajaraj Rao, Neena Gupta, and more, depicts how a couple in their late 50s with two grown sons get pregnant with their third child. It narrates the trials and troubles each character faces in accepting this fact, and the movie phenomenally captures the mental struggle and moral dilemmas each character goes through. 

In today’s world, we youngsters are awaiting progress in every field. Most importantly, we want a progressive society that’s more accepting of our life choices and a society that lets people choose the way they want to live and the life they want for themselves. But at the same time, we are the ones embarrassed by the choices our elders make for themselves. Our parents might wear an odd dress of their choice, but our dislike causes shame in front of our friends. How can we possibly think about progress when we are imprisoned by the same qualities that we despise? Does it not make us hypocrites?

Addressing this issue and urging people to let people live with their own choices irrespective of who they are, how old they are, and where they come from, the movie Badhaai Ho does a great job at lifting the curtains off and showing how easy it is to adapt to positive changes and let go of negativity. 

Written by: Rituparna

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