It is all windy & peaceful one morning, your jovial soul perspires through a satisfying daytime. But as soon as your mind progresses to afternoon, you feel sparks of dejection and discontentment. 

Do you ever find your mind stressing out for no reason? Or maybe getting positive vibes any particular day without any significant cause? Well, all teens experience a roller coaster of mood swings in their everyday life.

For instance, teens are often in a chase to grab their right to decide for themselves but the dread of outcomes makes them relent. The thought of making decisions on their own makes them feel overwhelming but on the other hand, the fear of the result of the decision, born out of pessimism, makes them feel uncertain. Two emotions wander in the landscape of mind, clashing with each other.

However, society doesn’t recognize mood swings in girls as a part of growing up. Instead, it links them with menstruation. Menstruation in women commonly referred to as period & is the vaginal bleeding due to the shredding of the blood vessels and unfertilized egg every month. Talking about the psychological symptoms associated with menstruation, females experience mild mood swings due to hormonal changes occurring in the body. There is no doubt that mood swings are very common during menstruation. But the perception of relating a woman’s every mood swing to periods is false. We need to understand that mood swings are not something only menstruating women experience. They are ordinary and can occur without any underlying cause. Periods can be a subset of mood swings but mood swings are certainly not a subset of periods. 

Mood is the basic state of mind that holds a temporary existence and might change depending on what we feel in different situations. Everyone is moody according to their likes and dislikes. Why is everyone experiencing a mood swing stereotyped as something associated with “a menstruating woman”? Menstruation is a natural biological process and should be restrained till biology only. There are various myths and taboos to be eradicated in the long run.

Written by:- Yukti Sethi

Edited by:- Divyam Madhok

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