If you met me ten years ago, I bet you wouldn’t like me,
For I was going through a metamorphosis,
The kind that we all go through,
That takes different time because it’s YOU.

And YOU is a very special person to be,
It is not just a face, a name or an ID tag,
YOU is a bouquet of wildflowers,
Untamed, unkempt as winter showers.

YOU travel the world and carry your scent,
Some like it, some don’t
And you start to doubt yourself,
When strangers try to crush you under sly stealth.

YOU carry the pain and burden of this change,
Slowly shedding off your color and skin,
It is painful and very tiring indeed,
To get rid of wild weeds and plant a new seed.

Trying to fit in, to be a part of the slim crowd,
To match your shoes and bags and be ashamed of your fat,
To cry internally for the face that you’ve got,
And daily add to your heart another black dot.

The bubble of your existence grows big and so do YOU,
Visibly full of the trash that you chose to feed on.
The intricate connections that look like blood veins,
Gripping your soul in meaningless chains.

YOU live like this till tear marks appear,
The frenzy too much to contain,
The much-needed madness surfaces quite fast now,
The law of entropy does pretty much allow.

In that moment of eruption, the muck gushes out,
With a force that is tectonic, the energy moves around,
And this my dear YOU, takes different time for us,
For me it was a decade, for you it could be with much less fuss.

In the end, we break free and that is all that matters,
Free from what THEY thought you about YOU,
We return to our old wildflower spirit,
No more hating yourself, no more mental limits.

So, if you meet me now, I bet you’d like me,
I’ve put myself in a cradle of MY OWN beliefs,
I rock myself to MY OWN tunes,
With carefully chosen slivers of gold, I build my own cocoon.

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