Equality should prevail in all aspects of life. It is what the youth of today dream of. An ideal world, where there are no prejudices and biases; a world where each individual has the right to practice the rights they have. With the emergence of a new mindset and the demand for gender neutrality, we are witnessing a new change in previously male-dominated as well as female-dominated domains. We are fortunate enough to witness a shift in focus and the inclusion of men in the beauty industry. A few years ago, the idea of men wearing makeup would have been frowned upon, but today it has become the talk of the town. We cannot bask in the glory of such a tremendous change without mentioning those who are truly praiseworthy for glorifying the idea of men’s beauty and promoting it in their unique way. 

These beauty influencers did not just walk in here and sweep us off our feet with their amazing outfits but also left us mesmerized with their beauty tips and hacks. Let us now take a look at a few of these extraordinary men and how they made it ordinary for men to wear makeup without worrying about what “society would say.”

Ankush Bahaguna

One who is fairly active on social media must have at some point come across this guy. He not only tickles the funny bones with his humor but also bedazzles the eyes with his makeup skills. His makeup tutorial videos are sure to leave every man and woman desiring to be groomed once by him. It is not only his makeup skills that leave you hooked on his videos but also his talks on men and beauty that are sure to hold your attention. 

Yashwant Singh

The general misconception about men and their skin is that men do not care about how their skin looks. It might be true for some men, but some men do care a lot and even struggle with issues such as acne. It affects a man as much as it affects any woman. Shedding light on this, Yashwant Singh advises his thousands of followers on how to maintain the perfect skincare routine. Giving examples of his struggle with acne, he has just the right tricks for his followers on how to avoid or prevent acne, which makes him trustworthy enough to try out his recommendations without a doubt.

Deep Pathare

If you think only women can pull off bright eye shadow, wait till you see this man. His amazing skills as a makeup artist can make you fall in love with his wonderful choice of shades, his phenomenal blending skills, and his bright smile that acts as the cherry on top of a delicious cake. His work speaks for itself, and his gaga-like extravaganza has set a new standard for men’s—as well as women’s—beauty. 

Shantanu Dope

Be it pairing bold eye makeup with a pretty pearl necklace or bright yellow eye makeup with just a casual yellow shirt, Shantanu has never failed to serve us major beauty goals. His makeup is sure to leave anyone dumbstruck and make it difficult for them to choose what look they should go for. His makeup tutorials are a treat to all the senses. 

Siddharth Batra

From serving us major fashion goals with his glam outfits to leaving us in awe of his subtle makeup, Siddharth Batra has made a mark for himself in the fashion as well as the beauty industry. From wearing outlandish outfits to wearing natural makeup looks, He has never failed to amaze us through the skillful execution of his talents and amazing everyday beauty tips that every man should follow to maintain happy and healthy skin.

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