Humans lost the tint of humanity,

Gave up on love, respect, and sanity,

They got hooked up on vanity,

Gave up on benevolence and chose inanity,

They say they belong to Gen-alpha or Gen-Z,

They made the science of everything easy,

No doubt though; but there’s more to see,

In this era of a surge of modernization,

They just lost the ability of realization,

Surely, you come and ask anyone,

Everyone is hurt by someone,

See the youth’s having mental health issues,

And everybody’s blind to the happy cues,

Different opinions building up dominant views,

And the unwillingness to be in someone else’s shoes,

Intolerance, aggression and irritability and lust,

All I can find is total instability and broken trust,

See the shattered faiths and cold hearts,

Fake faces; hollow relations with hoax starts,

Bewildered hopes and hyped lunacy,

All I can see is disappearing courtesy,

And dying emotions with unneeded ferocity,

The ‘oh-so-cool’ savagery and vanishing generosity,

Deteriorating inner peace and declining productivity,

The boost in soreness of hearts and discarded proclivity,

Fading smiles and absurd words,

Growing greed and desire for perks,

Individuality as a concept is misinterpreted,

And the youth’s is walking all unregretted,

Humans were supposed to be sagacious,

But you witness them being all malicious,

The sensitives keep on hurting on and on,

And the poor keep suffering on and on,

The strong don’t show empathy,

The rich don’t show sympathy,

All that is dominating is psychopathy,

All that is flourishing is sociopathy,

See; the extinction of humbleness and gratitude,

Is replaced by the evolution of ego and toxic attitude,

Oh, Lord! I never prayed for a world like this,

That’s intellectually strong but emotionally weak,

I never wished to live in a world like this,

That’s financially bold but morally meek,

Can we all together just change it please?

It’ll take time, but at least we’ll be at peace,

Would you take the pledge to start a change today?

Or you’ll sit and watch the homecoming of Doom’s Day?

Because Karma is something for real,

Until the humans are ready for burial.

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