The night storm roared through the morning,
The murky clouds hid the sun,
I glanced at the path that took me down the hill,
But the purpose of the movement was nil.

I sat at my window for hours, days and months,
The storm was still roaring, unbelievable yet so real.
I felt my heartbeat like thunder,
Was the storm in me or outside? My eyes gazed in wonder.
This state of being perpetuated for some time,
I looked at the human that was me.
Following the circadian rhythm like a clown,
Being pulled in the whirlpool, more and more down.

Then the morning of peace dawned,
I took a deep breath and began to ponder,
How to heal was the question?
How to rise above the folds of repression?

I closed my eyes deep in prayers,
Tears came flowing out from the reservoir of pain.
I raised my hands to the heavens above,
How to heal, how to find again that love?

That side of the bed will forever remain empty,
The memories will only linger more,
The bedside lamp will be my only ally
Oh, how I’ll miss your sweet goodbyes!
Dear friend, wife, mother, and father,
I am indebted to you for all the time that we spent together,
For having taught me all that you did,
For your warmth and keeping my path lit.

How do I heal, knowing that you’d want me to,
Knowing that you’d like me to smile again,
To rise again, to shine again....
To leap ahead of the chasing pain.

I think I’ll see you in my dream tonight,
Separated in the physical world, you are still my guiding light.
I promise to give life a chance anew.... hug in me the reflection of you!

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