Lost confidence in his stature fell into a dark pit,

Confused and stricken needed closure as the story unraveled bit-by-bit.

Everything happened when progressing to a new stage where opportunities and doubts were all in place,

Deep down his self-belief was in a cage, trying to climb and recognizing he still has all to chase.

Took decisions to bring out some light is still trying to stand out from the crowd,

 But will someday take the flight struggles but negative emotions will still keep him under the cloud.

Decisions will be questioned and will want to stop,

He has been destined to cry, he doesn’t  have  an option to pause. 

Continuing the  same path hefty burden still lies with him as pain, 

In hope he was reminiscent of his past and what all he gained.

Reminiscing changed to recognition of self and he soon realized the error of the ways he took the right,

Yet difficult decisions in life but tumbled down because he lost the light. 

He picked up the pieces and started his new goal to take a plunge over the cloud,

Laziness, doubts and delays were obstacles he faced to name a few

he rekindled his candle, and realized his faith to make himself accomplished and proud.

Photo by waliam on Unsplash

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