From November we would observe the change in the seasons, so it’s just the perfect time to look at some ways that can keep you happy and healthy this winter. 

Diet change – To stay warm and healthy shift yourself towards foods such as Dairy, nuts, healthy fats. To boost your immune system add ginger, cumin, cinnamon to your recipes whenever you feel right.

Healthy Gut – Keep your gut healthy by indulging in food such as green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Wash your hands to prevent infections – Practice good hand hygiene by washing with simple soap and water to prevent yourself from germs .and seasonal flu.

Moisturize well – You might feel your skin dry and tight in winters so it’s better to moisturize your skin well with natural moisturizers such as coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter.

Early to bed and early to rise – Since you need to follow the sun’s lead for the sunshine you need to change your sleep pattern. Go to bed early and wake up early so that you can take adequate sunshine which is a natural source of vitamin d3.

Stay physically active – Keep yourself physically fit by doing various activities such as yoga, exercise, stretching, dancing so that along with your physical fitness your mental well-being is also at bay.

Sip Hot Drinks – Sip warm water, soups, herbal tea to prevent yourself from cold.

Don’t skip your Doctor / Dental visits – Fear of getting ill in winters lead to skipping of regular checkups and doctor/dentist visits. Regular screening is necessary to maintain overall health and catching any potential disease on time and get it treated.

Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

Short days, a drop in temperature, cold weather can make it harder to follow the exercise or diet regime. But the good reason to still follow it is physical activity prevent winter weight gain and boost immunity thus making your winters more happy and healthy.

Follow these simple lifestyle tips this winter and enjoy this weather by keeping your health and skin on track.

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