What is better than lounging in a supremely elegant bathroom after a tiring day at work? After all, who does not love me-time sessions of freshening up around fragranced bathing salts and aromatic candles?

According to a study, the average person spends 3 months of his/her entire life in the bathroom. Gone are the days when people were alright with dimly lit bathrooms. 

The ambiance of your bathroom indeed affects the mood. We live in a fast-paced world and it is evident that bathroom trends have gained fame across the world. Looking at the up-gradations, we do not want you to be behind either. So put your creative mode on! It’s time to get rid of those yellowish flooring, fragile tiles, and diminutive bathtubs. Bringing out the home designer within you, we have come up with some of the latest bathroom trends of 2020. 

1. Freestanding Tubs

The classy freestanding tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Mostly, these tubs are reclining at one end ideal for lounging while the sloping end is reserved for the drain. These tubs are ideal for those who have a shortage of space, but at the same time want to enjoy the luxury of bathtubs. Clawfoot, Japanese soaking, double-ended are some of the popular tubs you can consider buying. Besides looking elegant and sturdy, these also go along well with designer flooring. 

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You can place it anywhere in the bathroom, unlike built-in bathtubs which need to be placed along the wall. One of the prime benefits of these tubs is the hassle-free installation. Just call a plumber and be ready to enjoy a cozy bathing session in fragranced water mixed with natural bathing salts. 

2. Wall-mounted and Curving Bathroom Vanities

If you are still reading, we are sure you do not want to miss these appealing and eye-catching vanities. Wall-mounted and curving bathroom vanities have gained quite a reputation in the industry now. These vanities come in numerous deluxe styles and subtly comment on the overall look of your bathroom. With increasing demands, the vanities are now available with integrated sinks, dedicated shelvings for storing accessories, and many more. 

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Since bathroom vanities are the eccentric yet beautiful centerpieces,  people resort to double sinks rather than one to get the lavish look. Even wall-mounted or floating vanities work well if you have a compact bathroom but the downside is you have to be careful not to put a load on it. We recommend getting a sleek and grayish faucet installed as it goes well with all kinds of vanities. 

3. Integrated Sink and Shower Drains

If you are fond of hour-long hot and refreshing water baths, there’s no better alternative than a shower. The advancing technologies have made it possible for sinks and showers to share the same drain.

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These drains have come out to be a trendsetter of 2020 as it makes your bathrooms look blessedly empty. So fret not and go for the best trend for your sumptuous bathroom. 

4. Marble Finishes

By any chance, we do not want you to miss the marble finishes of the bathroom. No matter how many amenities you include in your bathrooms to make it look luxurious if you do not have the right marble finishes you have done it all wrong. The unparalleled beauty of the bathroom is greatly determined by the aesthetic marble finishes you have used in your bathroom. 

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The glossy marble finishes look versatile and are easy to maintain as compared to other traditional and old-school finishes. Just an easy tip, do not let water stand on the surface of marble as it is quite porous and hence get discolored over time. 

5. White Fixtures

We bet no person would say white is so dull. Fittings of matte white have taken a sturdy position in the industry. White is the undisputed flag bearer of elegance and aristocracy and white fixtures have enjoyed a demand among those who have rich taste. Besides adding charm to the overall look, white makes a bathroom look spacious. No wonder 15.69% of the bathroom designs incorporate some tone of white.  

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White fixtures look extravagant with black faucets, warm rugs, or geometric designs. If you are considering a renovation white fixtures are your go-to option.  

6. Integrated Lightning

How can we miss the cool integrated lighting? 

Nobody likes to have a bath in a dimly lit and shabby bathroom. Bathroom lighting is one of the most famous and latest trends of 2020 and it is likely to remain so in the coming years. If you are considering mounting the lights in your tub and shower, designers recommend incorporating it at both ends rather than just one. 

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Start with ceiling-mounted lightening with shades of white and supreme yellow. Remember, do not pick up red hue as it may spoil the look of your bathroom. Most people also get lightning for vanities, sinks, and mirrors. Wherever you use them, just make sure you do not overdo with anything. Ideally, it is recommended to install lights of 75-100 watts. You can also consider using LEDs as it saves a lot on energy while being pocket-friendly.

 7. Rugs and Mats

Since we talked about the rugs previously, let us introduce it to you further. Rugs are fairly common in the bathrooms as a part of the latest bathroom trends of 2020. While rugs are not a good option for compact bathrooms, you can use these if you are blessed with a lot of space. Now you must be wondering about the hygiene.

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Fret not, we have got this covered for you. Rugs made up of Egyptian cotton or just cotton are a great choice. These are easy to wash and do not accumulate much dirt. But if you are still double-minded about using rugs in your bathroom, you can go for bathroom mats. 

Bathroom mats are made up of memory foam covered by microfiber making its maintenance an easy task. Furthermore, bath mats soak up the water and hence prevent it from penetrating your expensive polished marble flooring. 

8. Minimalist Hidden Storage

If you dislike the view of the essentials lying in your bathroom nor you want the vanities to occupy the space, then there is no better alternative than hidden storages. The classy and bold storages are indeed in trend and give a minimalist look. 

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The best option is to go for built-in storages into the walls. These create an illusion of fully textured or polished walls depending on which one you chose, and you can easily store your essentials in it without letting anyone know. So, brace yourself for the minimalist look!

9. Plants

This might seem a bit weird and unconventional but plants in the bathroom are a thing. By the time you have read this, you must be wondering the bathroom is a moist place and how can you put little producers of oxygen there. Don’t worry, you need not place those plants which require adequate sunshine and water for growth. You can put snake plants, chlorophytes, Boston fern, and many more like these to add charm to your bathroom. These plants require moisture and few fertilizers to grow. Besides, they are mood enhancers and not to forget, you will get loads of fresh air. 

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10. Technology in Bathroom

With advancing technology and new inventions every day, how can we forget to incorporate it into our bathroom? From high-tech Japanese toilets to mood-enhancing lights, everything is possible with a blink of an eye. 

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It is evident from our fast-paced life that we are always in the rush mode. Technology has made our life simpler. Digital faucets and showers are in a trend so now you do not have to wait for geysers to get the hot water. Did we tell you about the towel and bathrobe heaters we are going gaga over? Yes, that is also a thing now! Imagine getting out of a comfy shower session and wrapping yourself with a warm bathrobe. If you are a technology geek, you are definitely going to love these recent inventions. 


These were a few latest bathroom trends of 2020. Although the list is endless; I chose to stick around those which are popular among the masses. 

Having said that, it is important to note that you should not resort to anything just because it is trending. Go for a detailed analysis and pick up only those trends which go in accordance with your interiors and requirements. In short, do not overdo or follow blindly. I hope you found this insightful. 

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