J.Jayalalitha was slowly been poisoned to death by VK Sasikala

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The main reason to put Jayalalitha’s property in a precarious conditionor to use her as a Robert was the famous politician ‘VK Sasikala’. Whatwas the main reason behind Jayalalitha’s death? How was the Slowpoison given by Sasikala went unnoticed? Even as there’s somegrumbling going among people of Tamil Nadu as informing theoriesbehind Jayalalitha’s Death. Jayalalitha was very well known as the ‘IronLady’ of Tamil Nadu. The former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithawas driven to death by her long-time aide VK Sasikala, who was also thesenior AIADMK leader and minister alleged by Dindigul C Srinivasan. Insimple words, to say she was a right hand for ‘’Jayalalitha’’.Just before the elections, excitement and drama were the constantfeatures helpful in the conduct of politics. Similarly, during December2020, legendary veteran actor Rajinikanth had provided theatrics to thepolitical situation in Tamil Nadu by announcing his entry, but theunforeseen health circumstances made him debar the plan.Now with the upcoming Assembly election, hardly there’s a month away,has made V.K Sasikala former general interim general secretary of AllIndia Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(AIADMK) and was specificallyaide to Former Chief Minister Jayalalitha, who had surprised many indeclaring that she would step aside from politics. After mobilizing hersupporters and making a political show of her return to the state and ona purpose of serving her out of her jail term in Bangalore, for which shehad issued an appeal to the ‘’True Followers’’ of J.Jayalalitha that is to‘’remain united, act wisely and work hard’’ especially during theAssembly Elections to prevent Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(DMK) fromcapturing power once again.As there was no clarity upon what had prompted her to make such anannouncement or play an active political role, so going by her part in ruling AIADMK wouldn’t suffer from any limitation in elections. Despite,her nephew TTK Dinakaran, who used to head towards Amma MakkalMunnetra Kazhagam (AMMK), in a process of hoping to lead a coalitionof his/self, based upon her statement that was shot in the arm for theAIADMK, that had tried to ward off challenges from the principalopposition, DMK. So it had laid to rest, to debate over her possibility ofher to return to AIADMK, which had rather turned down the suggestionfrom its ally BJP in that matter. Made her be laid for rest, then a debate
was done to the state upon the possibility of her to return to AIADMK,based upon a suggestion from BJP (Bharatiya Janatha Party) on thatmatter. Even then the performance and promises were more likely todominate the campaign.So what was it to have an expects upon AMMK’s support in the southernand the central part of the states to help the party to win Assemblyelections? Whenever there is an expectation like the gap betweenAIADMK led front and if some of the loyalists are accompanied duringthe distribution of tickets by the AIADMK. In the end, performance anddominance are more likely to dominate the campaign.

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