On my birthday, my few precious friends called me to convey their good wishes. While they all are in different cities, have different job profiles, and have very different characters, too, one thing that emerged to be common was the feeling of being stuck. The phone calls ended in the same manner, where I was calming them down and saying things like, “It’s not just you..all of us are feeling this!” or “Hang on.. things will only be better”. This made me question how I am feeling and if this feeling is temporary?

There is no single answer to these questions, I think. It is different for every person but what we all have experienced is a lack of movement. We have missed certain buffer zones in our lives, such as daily chores before leaving for work, taking the local transport or meeting familiar faces or seeing soothing hoardings, etc. While this initially made us feel trapped, later on, our feelings transitioned towards feeling safe at home, and we fell for new habits of working from home.

Over the year, which is a long, long time, we were left in a partially confused and tired state. We wish for the situation to get back to the previous normal while we are slaves of new habits. I think in the background of this bubbling noise in our head, we’re trying to force ourselves towards the next week or months. We do not know for certain if things would get normal and if our feeling of being stuck would disappear. And it is precisely this fuzziness that we have been applying to all the spheres of our lives. We have been thinking and overthinking, which is filling up the buffer zones in our lives.

Another thing that comes to my head is that maybe our generation needs to slow down. Perhaps we are not practically working towards a healthy mind and body while we think that we do. Being busy has become such an umbrella term to hide oneself underneath it; why the heck are we so busy! Are we compromising our future for the sake of heavy bucks, and what if there is no going back. Will we regret it?

Anyway, I wish that this is only pandemic fatigue and that each one of us slows down a bit and realizes that life is not a sprint. We’re all excellent at unique things, and most of the good things in life are free! We have to smile more and make our time memorable such that when we look back, the only image that caves in our minds of our 30s is not just our laptop and office setup. So dear Tiny Tots (which we all are!), there is no rewind button in life! Big things count but so do small ones. Choose yours right! Hugs.

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