Whom do you meet after waking up with the first rays of the sun? Or do you hear the chaos between eating bread or cornflakes while you are still on your bed, half in dreams and half-awake? Or when you reach downstairs and meet faces that hold different expressions, some unbothered, some agitated and some battling with the breakfast on their plates?

Family is the answer to all the above queries, which might arise in your minds but never reach the voice in you. As much as we might feel the chaos time and again when we live with our family, yet there is always love and shoulder to rely on, present for us. A family is a vast sea that lets ambivalent ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and habits swim with its wave. There is no one left behind, and if someone happens to be, then there is always another one at the back to push towards the light. The United Nations, to honour the importance and privileges of having a family, founded the International Day of Families in 1994. It reinforces the thought of all the unique members who exist in a family, and everyone should be celebrated. 

While the family is what completes us, we meet different people in it. Some might be the scholars, while some might be the ones speaking in twists and turns. What shall we call these people who are a part of us? Well, the English language does honour such a group of people with the word Quirky. A quirky person has an unusual way of approaching statements and is filled with odd qualities that sometimes might be charming. Still, most of the time, it is strange and challenging for the other person to comprehend the underlying meanings behind their words. Have you come across such people in your family? In the society which we live in, it is common for us to meet such people, a quirky brother, a quirky mother, a quirky father or a quirky sister. And if you live in a joint family, you must be grateful you will have so many of the category under the same roof. Let us know some quirks which are so familiar to our ears and to our family

  1. “Do what you like to do.” aka ‘Kar lo jo karna hai’

  While this particular phrase shall beguile your mind and fill in more love in your heart for your family, you need to do a double-check after hearing this. By this phrase, what our families are trying to do is stop us from doing what we want. Sure, the phrase might drip of sweetness, but it is the other way around when you choose to know the reality.

2. “Your Life, Your Wish.” aka ‘tumhari iccha’

Does not this phrase speak so much of freedom? Imagine you can do anything with no one to restrict you. It would be just an imagination for as soon as you hear this line, you need to think the contradictory. The line aims to tell you that indeed it is your life but not your wishes

3. “We will never choose wrongly for you” a.k.a ‘hum tumhare liye galat sochenge kya’

This will sound all trustworthy to you, and most of the times it is true. But with this line, your family expects you to agree with their decision, and they will take no ‘nos’ in return. As soon as your family shoot this phrase towards you, you get hit by the fact that all decisions will come to reality only with their approval

4. “What do you decide to pursue next?” a.k.a ‘aage kya karne ke plans hain ?’

If you are about to give your 10th boards, this phrase shall be an indirect persuasion for you to go for the most significant stream “Science”. And suppose you are about to appear for your 12th boards. In that case, this will mean to persuade you to go for medical or engineering, persuasion after persuasion.

5. “Okay, we are fine.” aka ‘hume koi dikkat nahi’

While this might be the most satisfying phrase if you want to try to follow your heart, it means otherwise when it comes from family, most of the time. They are not okay; rather they expect you to know what actually stays only in their mind. In another way, rejection of your decision

6. “So, what’s next after job?” aka ‘naukri ke baad kya?’

If you are 25 years old and above, you are practically ‘old’ for your family. And this phrase is indirectly asking you to settle down with a family as soon as possible. This phrase is the next stage for you to step on according to the traditions, and your family wants it to happen quickly

7. “We trust you.” aka ‘hume tum par pura bharosa hai’

The heaviest statement in our lives. While this might show your family’s loyalty to you, it actually is a subtle threat to you, “do one thing wrong and you shall face the wrath”. Next time, if this phrase comes for you, you need to be a bit alert on what you have been doing.

These are some common quirky statements that all of us face. At times, they leave us pondering about the hidden reality behind those words. Such thoughts must be diluted among families if we plan to see optimistic progress and reach the skies. We, as a family, need to understand the wishes, beliefs and words of those living with us. No one loved Hitler. Suppose you want to be part of the home you are living in. In that case, you need to be a Mandela rather than a Hitler, for he hankered after power and was responsible for some of the bloodshed pages of history. A family is to rejoice in joy and memories and stand as anchors in times of miseries. It needs to open its arms more and more and accumulate all the blooming hues that need broader wings to fly higher. 

Quirky lines have now become a part of our lives. Different factors, predominantly societal norms, play a significant role in such thoughts. There has been no transparency among family. Most of the time, our thoughts are repressed rather than a lively discussion. This leaves us with an inability to decide between right and wrong or creates a wall beyond which we do not try to go. Families need to be more liberal and choose their blood above the societal norm. All our five fingers are different in sizes and shapes, but do we not regard each of them as a part of our body? We should understand that all families are different and accept their values too. There must be no boundaries that shall cut down our beliefs. Also, members in every family must not impose their hopes and aspirations on each other. A broth tastes tasty only when it has different spices in it, and similarly, a family grows with different individuals. Undoubtedly, society is a gift that we all have been bestowed with. Still, it should not have its progress by sacrificing the dreams and desires of each member of families. Celebrate variety, Celebrate family. 

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