The current circumstances Ukraine is under are heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. According to journalists on the ground in Ukraine, huge explosions were reported throughout Kyiv in the early hours of Friday morning. This week, Russia declared two Ukrainian areas, Donetsk and Luhansk, as separatist republics. It threatened to send soldiers across the border into those regions–the most ominous indications of a full-scale invasion. The equipment includes tanks, howitzers, and amphibious armored combat vehicles, according to the ministry. With the airports being non-functional, many are attempting to flee by road. Today, 4.41 crore Ukrainians and nearly 20,0000 Indians, most of whom are students, are stuck amidst this catastrophe. Only around 4000 of these Indians have been able to come back safely. 

Whom Should Indians Citizens In Ukraine Contact To Return Home Safely?

On Thursday, India launched a major initiative to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine to neighboring countries via land border crossings, following Russia’s large-scale military assault on the eastern European nation, which sparked major global concern and sanctions against Moscow by several Western powers. In the midst of the escalating crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and “sensitized” him to India’s worries over the safety of Indian residents in Ukraine, particularly students.

The national government has established a 24-hour helpline to assist Indian students who are stranded in Ukraine as a result of the country’s continuing conflict with Russia. In Delhi, a 24-hour control center has been established, and the helplines are +911123012113+911123914104+911123017905, and 1800118797.

Additional hotline numbers for Indians in Ukraine are +38 0997300428+38 0997300483+38 0933980327+38 0635917881, and +38 0935046170.

Indian students in Ukraine who need assistance can also write an email to

If students want assistance from the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, they can call +380997300428 or +38099730048. Emails can also be sent to by students.

The Indian Embassy in Kyiv also issued a warning to Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine. It stated that due to the closure of Ukrainian airspace, the program of special flights has been canceled. It further stated that other arrangements are being developed and that information would be sent shortly so that Indians may transfer to the country’s west.

The Indian embassy in Kyiv also issued advice for stranded people, urging them to be safe in their current location. “Please maintain calm & remain safe wherever you are, be it in your home, hostels, accommodations, or in transit,” the Indian embassy in Kyiv said. 

The Indian embassy also advised stranded individuals traveling from Kyiv’s western districts to “return to their respective cities temporarily.” “All those who are traveling to Kyiv, including those traveling from western parts of Kyiv, are advised to return to their respective cities temporarily, especially towards safer places along the western bordering countries,” it said.

To all the people in Ukraine, we are thinking about you and praying with you. We cannot even imagine being in your position. We hope and pray that you stay safe and healthy and that this misery comes to an end soon.

Written by: Samiksha

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