I wore my favourite shoes

The navy one he dislikes

The downtown bar was closed

And we were reeking of cheap vodka and cigarettes

We both have had no sleep

And I thought i knew him before

Because i knew his favourite shade of blue

And the sad story that morphed him into this

But somehow the light, the cars flying past

Shoes missing the sidewalk

Told me more

Ans in this intimate moment

My face beneath the streetlight

It reveals what it is lonely people seek




Words Scribbled on a grocery list

Something he couldn’t buy

But i was yearning for

Stuck tp me like the bloodstain

On the hands of Lady Macbeth

And for a split second

I thought i had it

The closeness of human soul


He yearned a different intimacy

One my shoes did not bring

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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