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Raw Emotions

Fell broke and had everything taken  Years passed, but I still have raw emotions One day and a moment ushered, the change that was never meant to be a cage Breaking should have some meaning Not forgotten but forced, for a happy beginning  Stumbled on with conscious part being happy  Had joyful days but was

Pixar: A story of brilliance

Human beings cherish a wide range of materials, sensations and possessions but they seem to hold nostalgia closest to their hearts. It is easy to reckon the reason for this phenomenon, we cherish glory days, the ones that are in the past, unalterable by the present course of actions and destined to be eternal sources

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

This disease is related to speaking, walking, breathing, and swallowing, leading to muscle weakness and atrophy. It is a hereditary disease which affects your above mentioned organs. It slowly and gradually destroys motor neurons and  spinal cord  that is very essential for speaking, breathing and walking.  The mild SMA takes over 18 months to discover

Autism day theme 2021

Let’s first understand what Autism means. When a person faces problems while interacting with others, they recognize repetitive behaviour hindering their daily activities or lack communication skills. All of these together or individually point towards a mental disorder known as Autism.  Autism day is observed on 2nd of April. This day marks that autistic people

Autism and the stigma around it

Autism is a developmental, mental disorder. The people suffering from this encounter difficulty in social interaction, or repetitive thoughts or behavior and communication problems. Autism is one of five developmental disorders included under the umbrella of Pervasive Developmental Disorders.  Autism is a very complex disorder that is life long. Parents are most likely to face

5 NGOs working for autism

2nd April is celebrated as autism day. Autism is a kind of developmental disorder in individuals. Till now, 02 per cent of the people are diagnosed with autism. This is spotted by repetitive behaviour and poor social interactions.  Here, we are trying to appreciate a few NGOs’ efforts for our specially-abled children and bring light

April Fools Day marketing strategies

April fools day is not just for pranks and making fun. For the big business houses and even small businesses it’s a matter of opportunity to bring in the customers attention and tap in the traffic.  Brands such as BMW, YouTube and Google have embraced April Fools’ Day and celebrated the day  by their strategic

J.Jayalalitha was slowly been poisoned to death by VK Sasikala

The main reason to put Jayalalitha’s property in a precarious conditionor to use her as a Robert was the famous politician ‘VK Sasikala’. Whatwas the main reason behind Jayalalitha’s death? How was the Slowpoison given by Sasikala went unnoticed? Even as there’s somegrumbling going among people of Tamil Nadu as informing theoriesbehind Jayalalitha’s Death. Jayalalitha

Love yourself

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”-  Buddha What is self-love? Do we know the actual meaning of self-love? Posting a captionof self-love on your Instagram post doesn’t show that you are doing that in real.Most of us don’t know what self-love is, but today I see

Abuse, reflags and prevention

By Elise Brooke What is an abuser? Abuse can come from anyone, anyone can be an abuser, abusers come from all groups , cultures, religions, economic levels and all backgrounds. The majority of abusers are only violent with their current or past intimate partners. Abusers are generally law abiding outside the home. Because there is


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